Geplante Änderungen an PVP-Attributen

PvP-Gegenstände in WildStar stellen im Moment ein sehr leidiges Thema dar. So ist die schmerzhaft ineffektive PvP Itemisierung nicht nur den Spielern, sondern auch den Entwicklern ein Dorn im Auge. Carbine hat nun die geplanten Änderungen an der PvP-Itemization veröffentlicht, welche PvP-Spieler aufatmen lassen soll.
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Erst vor wenigen Tagen berichteten wir über die Probleme der PvP-Itemization. So gestand Jen Gordy, Group Content Design Lead für WildStar ein, dass die PvP-Attribute: PvP-Angriff und Verteidigung im Moment nicht den gewünschten Effekt aufweisen. Wie bereits angekündigt, arbeitet Carbine daran, die vorhandenen PvP-Attribute zu überarbeiten und so wurde nun im offiziellen Forum eine Vorschau der geplanten Änderungen veröffentlicht.

Folgende Änderungen sind für einen zukünftigen Content-Drop geplant:

  • Eure Effektivität soll mit PvP-Gegenständen in PvP Situationen besser skalieren. So soll es eine höhere Gewichtung geben, ob man nun nur 3-4 PvP-Gegenstände trägt oder sich ordentlich mit PvP-Gear eingedeckt hat.

  • PvP Angriff wird in PvP Power umbenannt und besitzt nun auch eine Heilungskomponente

    • PvP Heilung stellt die resultierende Heil-Effizienz dar, welche durch PvP Power errechnet wird.

    • PvP Schaden stellt die resultierende Schadens-Effizienz dar, welche durch PvP Power errechnet wird.

  • PvP Verteidigung wirkt sich nun direkt auf die PvP-Power des Gegners aus.

Hi everyone, we’ve heard a lot of feedback about the efficacy of the PvP stats in the game, and have been working on a plan to improve these features in an upcoming Drop. Today, we wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and give you a heads up on our plans for PvP stat now that we’re almost ready for internal testing.

Quick Overview

  • Player efficiency will now scale better as your PvP stats increase, giving more weight to properly statted PvP gear over PvE gear in PvP situations. To work this in, there has been a reduction in overall efficiency at lower levels of PvP stat, a change that affects both the damage dealt to and healing output on player targets.

  • We’ve expanded the role of PvP Offense to include a healing component, and along with this have renamed it to PvP Power. PvP Power has two separate effects that we’ll now highlight more clearly in your character sheet:

    • PvP Healing is the resulting Healing Output Efficiency achieved by using PvP Power.

    • PvP Damage is the resulting Damage Output Efficiency achieved by using PvP Power.

  • PvP Defense is now a direct counter to an opposing player’s PvP Damage. This is an important change, as the previous relationship was both difficult to understand and to balance. It produced swingy stat comparisons high peaks and valleys. Further, PvP Defense was a better overall stat, since it would become a more powerful negation of PvP Offense gain when both stats were increased in unison. The changes for PvP Defense will eliminate these issues, while the addition of PvP Healing gives healers an additional reason to go after PvP stats.

Open World PvP and PvP Stats
We recognize that some Open World PvP situations could conflict with combat healing in unintentional ways, particularly for the World Boss Encounters that require more than 20 Level 50 players on hand. To address these issues, we have split up the new PvP Healing effect to have a slightly better effect in Open World PvP than in Instanced PvP. We’ll be reviewing the values of both these stats through internal and external testing, and if we find the need to make adjustments based on your (or our) feedback, we’re now in a better position to make balance changes where needed.

Finally, we’re looking at ways to prevent premature stat inflation, particularly in regards toward bringing PvP ratings closer in line to Stat ratings in the game:

  • PvP Rating values from armor, gadgets, and buffs have been reduced. This is necessary due to the changes in the backend formula, which would have taken the current PvP Rating values and converted them into unintentionally high Power and Defense values.

  • Along with this change, the amount of PvP Rating you’ll need at each level to gain an appreciable increase in your PvP Defense and PvP Power has also been reduced.

Balance issues like this are definitely going to be a big part of the Combat team’s focus over the life of the game, and we’ll always look forward to your feedback in this arena. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at our future plans regarding PvP stat, and look forward to bringing them to you in a future Drop. Thanks for reading!

The Carbine Class & Combat Team and the Carbine PvP Team
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