Hotfix - Update Notes vom 9. Dezember 2014

Carbine spielte heute Vormittag, im Zuge der wöchentlichen Wartungsarbeiten, einen kleinen aber feinen Patch auf. Neben der Behebung einiger Bugs, konzentriert sich der Patch vor allem auf die Elementar-Pärchen in der Datenzone, welche erneut für Probleme gesorgt haben.
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Game Update - 09 Dec 2014

  • We fixed a bug so that some characters no longer had a chance to become stuck in a "locked" state after a realm transfer.


  • Medic

    • Fixed an issue that was allowing the heal debuff to stack with the Arena heal debuff and other class heal debuffs.

    • Fixed graphic issue that was being caused when some players were using the Medic Discharge ability and /horror emote.


  • Celestion

    • Ashenna Brightsun can no longer be attacked by Dominion players, and no longer drops loot or awards any XP.

  • The Defile

    • Rare spawn Tessa and her Quickclaw Assassins now drop their rare loot only when they're all dead, and not when Tessa alone dies.


  • Datascape

    • Visceralus and Pyrobane

      • The berserk timer for the Visceralus and Pyrobane encounter has been temporarily adjusted to be much more lenient.

      • A number of changes were made to the mid-phase event to make it cleaner and flow more effectively for players.

      • Shields no longer have collision, and they have more visible visuals.

      • Pyrobane's Flame Wave now has a proper name in the combat log.

      • Life Essences can no longer spawn as bananas, and they now spawn closer to the center in general. Also, the distance between individual essences should now be more consistent.

      • 'Knockdown' and 'Disable' have been removed, and they've been renamed to Primal Entanglement.

      • Primal Entanglement's damage no longer has variance and now ignores 75% of armor.

      • Instead of a knockdown + disable, Primal Entanglement now roots players in place but allows them to continue casting spells.

      • Visceralus is now present in the void during the mid-phase.

      • Primal Entanglement now applies a debuff as soon as the spell begins casting.

    • Hydroflux and Mnemesis

      • Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.

    • Visceralus and Mnemesis

      • Visceralus and Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.


  • Harvest nodes will no longer spawn with low health (no more stumps!).


  • Resolved a rare housing plot server crash.

User Interface

  • The Tradeskill Trainer UI now properly uses the potential relearn cooldown when warning the user. It will also use the active relearn cooldown to determine if learning a new tradeskill is possible (instead of the potential relearn cooldown).

  • Resolved an issue that was happening when some players would try to resurrect which was resulting in a LUA error in the resurrection panel.

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