Nächster WildStar Weekly Patch auf PTR verfügbar

Der nächste WildStar Weekly Patch steht in den Startlöchern! Anstatt diesen jedoch sofort zu veröffentlichen, entschloss man sich den Testserver als Kontrollorgan heranzuziehen. Damit sollen etwaige Probleme erst gar nicht den Weg auf die Live-Server finden.
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Neuer Patch, neue Bugs!
Nachdem viele Patches in der Vergangenheit für neue Probleme sorgten, entschloss sich Carbine dazu die Teststrukturen kommender Weekly-Patches zu ändern. Der berühmt berüchtigte Butterfly-Effekt sorgte in der Vergangenheit des Öfteren für größere Probleme. So behob ein Patch zwar diverse Probleme, sorgte jedoch, zur Unzufriedenheit der Spieler, oftmals auch für jede Menge neuer Ungereimtheiten.

Um diesen Problemen den Zahn zu ziehen, stellt ab sofort der Testserver das finale Kontrollorgan dar. Dort können kommende Änderungen auf Herz und Nieren getestet werden und somit etwaige Folgefehler ausfindig gemacht werden, bevor diese den Weg auf die Live-Server finden.

Dies bedeutet jedoch auch, dass zukünftige Inhalte, wie z.B. die neue Zone, der neue 20-Spieler Raid, Ultimate Protogames uvm. erst mal vom PTR verschwunden sind. Erst nachdem der Weekly Patch aufgespielt wurde, stehen diese Inhalte wieder zur Verfügung.

PTR Updates / Release Management Overhaul
Hi All,

A few weeks ago I had posted to let everyone know we were actively working as a studio to overhaul our release pipeline in order to support quality and bug free releases.

In accordance with these new internal release policies and procedures, we are working to break down some of the barriers between weekly patches and our players. The goal for this initiative will be to collect both subjective and objective feedback on the PTR prior to any weekly release.

As a studio we have added additional internal checks and balances alongside the external PTR gate. As weekly patch release candidates are cut, tested, and deployed, we have implemented further subjective and objective quality gates that are enforced by our studio as a whole.

Lastly, we will be updating our PTR environment today with our next weekly patch in order to allow players time to test and provide feedback. Players who have acquired any new PTR equipment directly related to "The Defile" drop will notice that these items have gone missing. "The Defile" drop is a future content update and as such, items related to it do not exist in our soon to be published weekly patch. These items will reappear on players accounts as we transition the PTR back to "The Defile" drop for testing in the coming weeks.


Der kommende Weekly-Patch beinhaltet einige sehr interessante Änderungen. So wird Gloomclaw, der dritte Boss innerhalb der Datenzone kritisch von der Nerfkeule getroffen und dürfte von nun, Raidgilden vor keinerlei größeren Problemen mehr stellen. Für die Gilde Voodoo kam dieser Patch leider zu spät. Die Gilde löste sich insbesondere aufgrund des aktuellen Zustands von Gloomclaw vor einigen Tagen auf.

Man darf sich somit schon sehr bald auf neue Worldfirst-Kills in der Datenzone gefasst machen und so sind wir schon sehr gespannt, was uns nach Gloomclaw alles erwarten wird.

Zudem nimmt die Odyssee rund um Gamme-Rays endlich ein Ende. Nachdem die Fähigkeit, trotz diverser Hotfixes, seit Monaten verbuggt war, entschloss man sich nun zu einer hoffentlich endgültigen Lösung.

PTR Update Notes - 1.0.12: 9/23/2014

  • Items

    • The Disabler gadget should no longer break the Stalker's Stealth. The snare from Disabler can no longer proc off of DoT's.

  • Item Specials

    • Fixed an issue where Specials would not apply if gear was equipped while mounted.


  • General

    • Resolved a bug where if a Player logged out with action set 3 or 4 active, when they log back in it will no longer switch player to action set 1.

    • Resolved an issue that was causing spell GCD modification to behave incorrectly.

    • Fixed a client crash that was happening when Players had Hold-to-Continue-Casting on, started to cast Stalker's Tether Mine, but then casted something else while the Tether Mine targeting telegraph was still visible.

    • Fixed a client crash that was happening when a Stalker Player had the AMP ‘Unfair Advantage’, was stealthed, started to cast Stalker's ‘Tether Mine’, and then was damaged and knocked out of stealth.

  • Esper

    • Soothe

      • Allies should now be able to see Soothe's telegraph.

  • Medic

    • Gamma Rays

      • The T4 bonus will now simply reduce the cast time to 0.85 seconds.

  • Spellslinger

    • Charge abilities will no longer interrupt other spell casting.

  • Warrior

    • Abilities

      • Relentless Strikes

        • Fixed an issue where the T8 bonus was not granting a charge for Tremor T4-8.

    • AMPs

      • Radiate

        • This will now re-trigger after the cooldown if Players use an ability that generates Kinetic Energy while already at full Energy.


  • Blighthaven

    • Elyona the Mad will now always drop her heart (a quest-granting item) for all players who helped kill her.


  • Crimelords of Whitevale

    • Mazzaki Swiftblade should no longer despawn during the third Sons of Ravok mission.


  • Genetic Archives

    • Phagetech Prototypes

      • Players should no longer take massive falling damage on being sent to the Phase Realm.

  • Datascape

    • Contemplations on Perspective

      • Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid

        • Crush damage increased by 100%

        • Crush target count reduced to 3 (down from 4)

        • The Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid will now end the encounter in a timelier manner upon going Berserk.

      • Base Population should now stay despawned when resuming from a save state that has fully completed sections.

      • Abstract Augmentation Algorithm

        • Quantum Processing Units should no longer persist after combat.

        • Quantum Processing Units should now always have their shields removed when Amplified.

    • System Daemons

      • Disconnect now targets the highest threat player.

      • Disconnect now ignores line of sight.

    • Volatility Lattice

      • If the player targeted by Mark of Enmity dies before the spell completes its task, a new target will be properly selected.

      • Wall health increased to ~550k (up from 400k) because they can be affected by player spells such as Defense Grid and Field Probes.

    • Maelstrom Authority

      • Increased the damage of Maelstrom Bolt.

      • Maelstrom Bolt now affects 3 total targets down from 4.

      • Crystallized targets are now immune to Freeze effects.

      • Added a telegraph visual for Crystallize to show explosion's radius.

      • Reduced the target count of Crystallize to 5.

      • Reduced the explosion radius of Crystallize.

      • Slightly increased the stun duration of Crystallize.

    • Gloomclaw

      • A few balance changes based upon feedback.

      • Health reduced to 48 million (down from 54.6 million).

      • Corruption Shield thresholds changed to 100%, 85%, 65%, 45%, 25%, 16%, and 0% HP.

      • For those doing the math, it means 7.68m is the new magic number.

      • Concentrated Essence

        • Pool size increased by 100%.

        • Duration increased to 10s (up from 6s)

        • Pool visual changed to increase visibility.

User Interface

  • Guild Perks show their cost correctly in French and German clients again!

  • Guild influence amounts are properly displayed once again.

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