WildStar Build 6697 Patchnotes

Bevor es in 6 Tagen soweit ist und der Headstart für alle Vorbesteller startet, fixed Carbine noch den ein oder anderen Fehler im Spiel. So gab es gestern einen kleineren Patch mit dem Build 6697, welcher erneut einige Plagegeister beseitigt. So dürfen wir bis zum großen Tag, wahrscheinlich noch mehrere dieser kleinen Updates erwarten. Die Patchnotizen findet ihr hier.
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Eins, Zwei, Drei... ich wünsche mir nen Bugfix herbei!

Nachdem Carbine vor wenigen Tagen den letzten großen Pre-Release Patch mit dem Build 6692 veröffentlicht hatte, gab es gestern nochmal ein paar weitere Bugfixes als Draufgabe.

Build 6697 Patchnotes

  • Allgemein

    • Character Select will now disable other characters if another character on the same realm on the same account is already logged in.

    • Fixed a server crash issue.

    • Added final videos for launch: story intro, exile intro, and dominion intro.

    • an error that would occur if the player changed zones while they were in the middle of a challenge.

  • Installation/Launcher

    • Fixed an issue where the player's game region settings would get set to the default settings when starting the launcher.

  • Charaktere

    • Gegenstände

      • Fixed several issues with the Malgrave reputation vendors, including: Exile merchants requiring Dominion reputation for certain items and several items under incorrect reputation requirements.

      • Malgrave reputation vendor tabs have also been updated and organized better for easier searching.

      • Protostar Moddable Infusers now correctly displays and equips as Resonators.

      • Fixed a bug that could result in item specials not being removed when an item was un-equipped.

  • Klassen

    • Allgemein

      • “Hold to Continue Casting” will once again automatically recast abilities that were held down before and during a different ability being pressed or held and released.

    • Esper

      • Mending Banner

        • Fixed a bug where the ability was healing for more than intended.

    • Arkanschütze

      • Fixed a bug that prevented some abilities to receive benefits from cooldown reduction while Surged.

    • Meuchler

      • Stealth

        • Can no longer be used while casting.

      • Nano Field

        • Fixed a bug that prevented Tier 8 Nano Field from transferring 100% health.

      • False Retreat

        • Fixed a bug that was causing the Stalker's False Retreat beacon to despawn if the Stalker entered stealth

    • Krieger

      • Tremor

        • Fixed a bug where Tier 7 was doing far less damage than intended.

  • PvP

    • Allgemein

      • Fixed a rare crash that would occur as a result of PvP assists.

      • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would not receive the deserter debuff after leaving matchmade games.

      • There is now an icon displayed when a player's PvP flag has been temporarily disabled after a PvP death.

    • Arenen

      • The arena cinematic played at the end of the match will no longer show for teams that do not have the maximum number of players required for the match. This is to resolve issues where the cinematic got stuck for players after exiting the match.

    • Kriegsbasen

      • Warplots have a brand new UI! In addition, floating action bars can now be horizontal, vertical, or docked.

      • Fixed an issue where jump pads were no longer providing a jump pad service, when they were turned on. Oops.

      • The “Direct Boss” ability can no longer be used if the team's Warplot Boss has died.

  • Content

    • Allgemein

      • Reputation earned from completing Challenges should also grant reputation with linked factions (such as "The Dominion" or "The Exiles").

    • Erfolge

      • Icons are now based off their category.

    • Auroria

      • Players will no longer have Toric Antevian die or despawn during the Assault On Kel Voreth event in Auroria.

    • Deradune

      • Marauder Turrets will no longer cast telegraphs they shouldn’t have access to.

    • Grimvault

      • A Strain Mine was stuck inside the world geometry, but it is now above the surface, living its life to the fullest.

    • Malgrave

      • The public events Meteorite Crash, Elder Stalagmight and Voice of Osiric in Malgrave now all have appropriate rewards for getting Bronze, Silver or Gold medals.

    • Whitevale

      • First Mate Barugh now correctly leaves his cell in “Crimelords of Whitevale.”

  • Dungeons

    • Stumklaues Unterschlupf

      • Normal

        • Thundercall Storm-Weaver, Sentinel Shaman: Increased AA damage.

        • Thundercall Sentinel: Increased damage of Shockwave.

      • Sturmklaue

        • Changed Lightning Storm to cast for 2.25s, and then no longer channel while the bolts go out.

        • Increased Stormtalon's health to 225k.

        • Veteran version of Lightning Storm now begins creating bolts as soon as the spell begins.

    • Feuerschädel

      • Fixed an edge case where Bosun Octog was not resetting immediately when there were no available targets.

      • Made adjustments to the ability flow of the Bosun Octog encounter on Veteran mode.

      • Mordechai Redmoon

        • Small beams now keep spinning after final major terraformer phase (Veteran)

        • Telegraphs for terraformer beams and plasma balls are now visible

    • Zuflucht der Schwertmaid

      • Deadringer Shallaos

        • The “Sound and the Fury” challenge is now a 25 stack limit for the whole group instead of 15 personal stacks.

  • Schlachtzüge

    • Immortal Achievements should now evaluate on a per pull basis, instead of a per weekly reset basis. This prevents players from being locked to raids they did not expect to get locked to.

  • Pfade

    • Wissenschaftler

      • Fixed the Skurge Galactic Archive.

    • Soldat

      • Updated “Explosion” audio effect for Soldier Path Mission “Artillery Rangefinder” in Auroria.

  • Berufe

    • Waffenschmied

      • Corrected the title of Weaponsmith World Schematic tech tree achievement “Enemy Schematic: Torine Sisterhood” to “Enemy Schematic: Kel Ulgar.”

      • Schematics added to checklist for achievement “Enemy Schematic: Kel Ulgar.”

      • In the FR localization, Frugo Bel received language therapy and now speaks more like a Chua in the Weaponsmith daily "Galactium Grade Firepower" in Grimvault.

    • Technologist

      • Fixed an issue where Technologists' "Journeyman World Formulas" did not all conform to use the same stat increase and naming convention for Reactive Boosts.

    • Ausstatter

      • Removed duplicate crafting materials and replaced them with intended items from the following recipes:

        • Wilderrun Platter

        • Conscript Issue Augmented Leather Longpant

        • Conscript Issue Augmented Leather Hood

        • Conscript Issue Augmented Leather Gloves

        • Conscript Issue Augmented Leather Boots

        • Conscript Issue Augmented Leather Epaulets

        • Walatiki Battle Britches

        • Bloodsworn Leather Wraps

        • Bloodsworn Techboots

        • Walatiki Chieftain's Headband

  • Benutzeroberfläche

    • CREDD Exchange will now say "My Listings" instead of "Listings 0/20" as there are currently no CREDD Exchange listing limits.

    • Mouse buttons 3, 4, and 5 are now bindable through the Keybindings window.

    • Window movement is now saved/restored with the interface options addon. Addons can register any of their windows to get this behavior.

    • Item tool tips for Dyes for both your inventory and at a vendor will now display the text "Dye already acquired" if you already have learned them.

    • The Character Deletion screen tip now mentions that you must type the character name, rather than the word "Delete."

    • Zone exploration progress will now always save between sessions.

    • Fixed an issue with vendor UI that would sometimes cause spell icons to vanish.

    • Master looter privileges of currently dropped loot will now transfer to the new group leader if the group leader changes.

    • Changed the text on the "Create a New Character" button so it will correctly be translated into French and German.

    • Fixed an issue that was preventing journal entries in the Lore window from showing their titles.

    • If the character logout timer is running on the character select screen the delete button is disabled.

    • While in the Action Set Builder, leaving an unsaved build with the ESC key will prompt for saving. Pushing the ESC key a second time will exit.

    • Realm select is now more obvious to see.

    • A LUA error was corrected when accessing the Friends List.

    • AMP item tooltips will now display correctly.

  • Unterkünfte

    • Cargo container decor item can now be placed in Housing.

  • Audio

    • Increased the emote audio level of the NPC Mechari in the Dominion Ark Ship.

    • Restored the missing karaoke music during the quest “Darkspur Karaoke” in Swindler’s End.

    • Music is now attached to Exile Training Grounds in the Dominion Arkship’s Holochambers.

    • Added sounds to the Game Exit window.

    • Comcalls and announcer voice overs no longer plays in competition with cinematics.

    • Added sounds to the Galactic Archives addon.

    • Raised the volume of some of the quieter player race emotes.

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