WildStar Build 6731 Patchnotes - Bugfixes on Mass!

Kaum berichtet man ausgiebig über die Bugs in WildStar und die Gemüter der Spieler beginnen so langsam aufzukochen, reagiert Carbine mit Build 6731 für WildStar und behebt einige der nervigsten Bugs im Spiel. Welche heißbegehrten Bugfixes aufgespielt worden sind, erfahrt ihr in unserer Übersicht der Patchnotizen.
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Die letzten Tage drehen sich voll und ganz um das Thema: "Bugs in WildStar".

Nachdem wir bereits über die lange Todo-Liste von Carbine, hinsichtlich der Behebung vieler nerviger Probleme berichtet haben und uns Craig Turner einen sehr tiefen Blick hinter die Kulissen gewährte, indem er die Arbeitsabläufe bei der Behebung von Fehlern genauestens beschrieben hatte, dürfen wir nun die dritte und wohl schönste News zu diesem Thema veröffentlichen.

So haben mit dem Build 6731 für WildStar etliche wichtige Bugfixes den Weg auf die Live-Server geschafft. Der ein oder andere von euch, darf nun kurz aufhören weiterzulesen, aufstehen und 1-2 Freudensprünge machen. *zigarette anzünd*

So nun wo wir uns ausgiebig gefreut haben, lasst uns einen Blick auf die frohen Botschaften werfen.

Patch Highlights

  • Erhaltene Nachrichten können nun gemeldet werden! Byebye Spammers!

  • Die Experten Transportmittel-Verbesserung kann nun problemlos erworben werden!

  • Die Buchstabe "j" sorgte für unschöne Spielernamen. Dieses Problem wurde gelöst.

  • Tote Spieler werden in PvP Matches nicht mehr als AFK geflagged

  • Die Drusera Story-Instanz Nummer 3 wurde gefixt, sodass daraufhin nicht mehr eure Kostüme verbuggt sind.

  • Todesbringeren Kala in Wildlauf sollte nun zum Duell herausgefordert werden können, sodass die Hauptstory-Quest abgeschlossen werden kann.

  • Das Loot Fenster im mittleren Bereich des Bildschirms, besitzt nun einen Hintergrund, wenn man mit der Maus darüber fährt. Außerdem werden Maus-Eingaben nun erfolgreich ignoriert, sofern das UI-Element auf "nicht bewegbar" gestellt ist.

Build 6731 Patchnotes


  • Items in a guild bank will properly transfer when a new guild leader is promoted.

  • Added a way to filter guild invites.  This can be turned on from the Interface Options menu or the invites themselves.  The filter blocks invites from players who are not in your friends list or share a guild/circle/arena team/warparty with you.

  • A new report spam feature has been implemented for the Mail system.  This functions similar to the right click report feature in chat, and players will be able to smite those pesky gold spammers via this system. Buhbye spammers!

  • Clarified the realm transfer error messaging if a Player Character is the leader of a guild or a Warparty.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the shutdown of one instance of an instanced world.

  • Fixed a user server crash that sometime occur when a guild is disbanded.

  • Fixed a world crash related to realm transfers and character deletions.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be charged multiple times when buying the Advanced or Expert Riding Skills.

  • Fixed certain issues pertaining to settlement reputations improperly reading parent faction ("The Exiles" or "The Dominion") reputation values.

  • Lower-case j spacing has been fixed. LOOK UPON MY LOWERCASE J AND DESPAIR!

  • Subtitles on cinematics will now use word wrap.

  • There is now a new marker for when an item is not multi-redeemable, which basically means you can only use it once.

  • We will no longer display your IP Address when you are disconnected for some reason. Sorry streamers!


  • Allgemein

    • Fixed a bug that where the "In Combat" state on the client differs from the server after a reconnect. This affected Espers innate ability, other similar combat-only abilities, and weapon animations.

    • Fixed a bug which enabled players to equip multiple unique bags.

    • Fixed a crash related to summoned pets.

    • Renown and guild influence now requires more than one party member to be involved in the kill.

  • Gegenstände

    • Platinum Igniform and Platinum Glaciform crafted weapons’ Assault and Support Power bonuses have been adjusted to their intended amount.


  • Allgemein

    • Modified tether physics to reduce the frequency of painful wall collision deaths.

  • Techpionier

    • The synergy between Bolt Caster and Bio Shell was so strong that it allowed Engineer to output DPS numbers considerably higher than other classes. While we enjoy the play style, the damage output was unfair by comparison. Here are the changes we made to address this issue:

      • Bolt Caster was changed from 5 lines to 3 and the damage per line has been increased (but the total damage possible decreased.) This will make the ability a more consistent performer regardless of the size of the target

        • Bolt Caster

          • Base

            • Shoots 3 projectiles, down from 5.

            • 7.25 damage per level, up from 4.92.

            • 22.87% Assault Power , up from 15.51%

          • Minor Tier Bonus

            • 2.02% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.26%

    • Bio Shell’s cast time and damage have both been decreased due to the strength of the Tier 4 bonus and partially due to its synergy with Bolt Caster.

      • Bio Shell

        • Base

          • 1.9s cast time, down from 2s.

          • 19.1 damage per level, down from 20.18.

          • 60.29% Assault Power , down from 63.76%

        • Minor Tier Bonus

          • 7% Assault Power per tier, down from 8.35%

  • Sanitäter

    • Fähigkeiten

      • Emission

        • Fixed an issue where the Tier 8 Bonus would sometimes break and allow the Medic to heal others with the bonus on every tick.

  • Spellslinger

    • Fähigkeiten

      • Dual Fire

        • Fixed an issue with cooldown getting reset if the Player toggles Spell Surge.

  • Stalker

    • Allgemein

      • When a Stalker with the Assassin AMP equipped takes damage, they still won't lose stealth, but they will be force detected.

    • Fähigkeiten

      • Neutralize

        • Fixed an issue that would cause its Suit Power cost to not reset when mounted.


  • Allgemein

    • Deaths in PvP matches no longer get double counted.

    • Fixed a bug which was causing players to be marked as AFK upon death while in a PvP match.

    • Fixed an issue in the PvP scoreboard where player stats would stop updating.

  • Gegenstände

    • Items with faction requirements will now properly function (provide stat bonuses) within PvP matches.

  • Walatiki Tempel

    • The Medic ability “Extricate” will no longer work on mask carriers.


  • Allgemein

    • Fixed an issue with daily quest turn-ins not functioning as intended.

  • World Story

    • Drusera Instances: Fixed issue where players who dropped a Drusera instance quest were not offered it again

    • Drusera 3 - The Hidden Dark: Players should no longer be prevented from changing their costume after being cloned.

    • Drusera 4 - Revelations of Power: Creatures can no longer get stuck on the Exanite pillar buildings, thus preventing players from completing the event.

  • Achievements/Challenges

    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a challenge is started before the character is fully loaded.

  • Zonen

    • Auroria

      • Fixed an issue with Buzzbing Zone Boss King Honeygrave that prevented him from healing while casting Mending Swarm.

    • Dominion Arkship

      • Dominion Arkship Tutorial - Adjusted the explosion spell on the Primal Fusion Device in the Holodeck so it only appears for the player detonating it.

    • Ellevar

      • The rock for the quest "Raving Ravenok" now has a ten second fail safe for a very rare case where it can never be activated again.

    • Farside

      • When you don't do what Kezrek Warbringer tells you during the quest "To the Dishonor", the quest will automatically fail and be available to you to try again immediately!

    • Galeras

      • Skywatch Settler Payoff now able to be accessed directly.

      • The quest "Taken Away" in Galeras can now be completed properly if you logged out in the middle.

    • Grimvault

      • Players no longer have to carry around the Deletion Grenades available during the System Sweep Quest in Grimvault any longer than is necessary to complete the objective.

    • Malgrave Hellrose Bowl

      • Fixed an issue where the third quartet of Emberclan Moodies would not spawn.

      • The vertical Protostar sign will now draw correctly.

    • Wilderrun

      • Gamma Watcher in Wilderrun will now spawn at the same rate as most other rare spawns.

      • Deathbringer Kala will no longer get stuck if someone 1-shots her.

      • Deathbringer Kala has ended her Wilderrun walkabout. She should now remain at her post so players can challenge her.


  • Allgemein

    • Partial Primal Patterns are no longer a guaranteed reward from Veteran Adventure Medal rewards.

  • Riot in the Void

    • Fixed an issue that caused the events "Demented Demolition" and "Hidden Agendas" to spawn too many waves of rioting prisoners in Riot in the Void.

    • Updated the durability stats of Rioting Prisoners and Max Sec Inmates to more closely match their spawn timer in Riot in the Void.

  • Crimelords of Whitevale

    • Players are able to leave Sub-Basement 101 after attending the Protostar Consumer Conference in Crimelords of Whitevale, and Instances no longer remain busy after completing the Protostar Consumer Conference in Crimelords of Whitevale.

  • The Malgrave Trail

    • Fixed in issue in The Malgrave Trail that could cause the wrong achievements to be completed upon finishing each destination's encounters.


  • Allgemein

    • Most creatures are now immune to root and hold effects, preventing their spell casts from being interrupted while they still have interrupt armor.

  • Stormtalon's Lair

    • Players standing outside of Stormtalon's den will now be killed when Stormtalon casts Static Wave.

  • Skullcano

    • Mordechai Redmoon:

      • Fixed an issue that was causing his challenge to fail incorrectly (Veteran)

      • Pin/Big Bang should no longer be cast on Pets.

  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

    • Players will no longer be able to resurrect while in combat with Moldwood Maulers and Corrupted Veteran Swordmaidens in the central hub.


  • Allgemein

    • Added achievements for the raid attunement quests.

  • Genetic Archives

    • Malfunctioning Piston

      • Dash will no longer target players outside of the area.

      • Base Interrupt Armor has been reduced from 6 to 0.

  • Datascape

    • Added Realm-first achievements for all boss encounters.

    • System Daemons

      • Health disparity now has a story panel

    • System Restore

      • Now only occurs during a health disparity

      • Applies a stacking damage buff on cast complete

    • Purge

      • Is no longer a channel

      • Now also occurs on a normal cooldown outside of a health disparity

      • Updated VFX

      • Updated timing and cycle order for holdout spawns.

      • Added 10 second delay before the first stack of Radiation Sickness is applied.

      • Removed the Cooldown Sequence.

    • Invalidate

      • Escalation is now tied to boss HP instead of firewall power.

      • Updated VFX.

      • Updated holdout creatures' HP values (most went up).

      • Overload now properly increases damage dealt and taken.

      • Increased boss auto attack damage.

    • Upload and Download

      • No longer chain casts

      • Occurs more frequently (~20s).

      • Disconnect now pauses while the holdout is paused during the enhancement phase.

      • Covered an edge case for the second enhancement phase triggering during the first one.


  • Allgemein

    • In the Arkship Tutorials, we made it so the path representative would call players about the path quest again if players did not interact with the initial call before logging out.

    • Path Abilities with long cooldown timers have been adjusted to now count down while logged out.

  • Explorer

    • The fallen explorers for ‘SCAVENGER HUNT: Forgotten Treasures’ are clickable again.

  • Soldier

    • Auroria

      • Assassination: Hivestrike Protector - Fixed the difficulty of the enemies so players could complete the mission solo.


  • Economy Auction House/Commodity Exchange

    • Fixed the Commodities marketplace ‘Buy Now’ confirm button tooltip to show that tax was added, not multiplied into the total price for the order.


  • Allgemein

    • Brigade Archaeologist Renwall and Commission Agent Excavex vastly overestimated the number of Eldan Data Fragments in stock and will now only offer them to a Player once that Player is in a crafting career.

    • The Brigade and the Commission will now only allow the Player to complete a single Eldercraft daily per day. They congratulate Players that have capitalized on this opportunity, and apologize to those that were unable to profit from their oversight.

    • Tradeskill talents which reduce crafting costs will now be honored when determining if the recipe can be crafted.

  • Architekt

    • Architect crafted items were a little too profitable. We adjusted the sell prices of Decor items and FABkits, and adjusted the required materials for some blueprints.

    • The item quality of some Architect crafted items is still too high. Lowered lots of purple crafted items to blue, blue down to green, and where we needed to upped some whites up to green and green to blue.

  • Kochen

    • Chefs Cecilia and Theok should no longer offer cooking quests in Illium or Thayd that reward Eldan Data Fragments.

  • Ausstatter

    • Fixed an issue where references to Hunter's LitheTek Advanced Legs were not appearing properly in the Outfitter tech tree.

User Interface

  • Added a background to the Loot Notification window so you'll know when your mouse is over it. Made the Loot Notification window ignore the mouse when it's not moveable.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Reset" button on the Costume/Dye vendor to cause the preview window to display the incorrect dyes.

  • Fixed a crash occurring on the Northern Wilds Adventure map.

  • Fixed an issue that caused various parts of the action bar to not behave correctly if the player reference wasn't loaded fully.

  • Fixed issue with telegraphs sometimes not showing up through portals.

  • Fixed some cases where activate icons and nameplates might not show up.

  • Mouse and Keyboard sliders have been added to Combat Options. You can now set some low speeds for epic video capture or some high speeds for epic dance parties!

  • The quest tracker will no longer steal mouse inputs when it's not marked as "Movable".

  • Changed friendship LUA event FriendshipRemoved to FriendshipPostRemove for clarity.

  • Fixed the sorting of quests by distance option so that it updates in quest tracker, zone map, and mini map.

  • Auction House: Tooltips for items in search results will no longer display incorrectly in certain circumstances.

  • Occluded hostile PvP units will now report the last known position to the UI.

  • The ‘Select Parent Décor’ popup now clears after linking décor, when using the housing interface.


  • Fixed issues with addons that were caused by recent changes to mouse input.

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3 Kommentare
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  • Pavnik
    15. Jun, 2014
    @DeX kein Mensch spiel den Boltcaster Engi, was einfach daran liegt das die Hauptmechanik dahinter verbugt ist und er darum unspielbar ist. Darum spielen alle den Electrocuter, der im AE abgeht wie ein schnitzel, aber singletarget etwas gegen die anderen abstinkt.

    Zur erklärung hier der Sinn hinterm Boltcaster:
    - Boltcaster: ursprünglich 5 Strahlen, jeder strahl der trift setzt den CD von Bioshell um 0,5 zurück (das klappt soweit auch ganz gut)
    - Bioshell hat normalerweise 10? sec. CD und ist zwischen 30 und 70 Volatility ein Instantcast
    - normale Rotation: 1x Bioshell, 3x Boltcaster, 1x Bioshell, 3x Boltcaster usw. usw
    - der Bug: wenn man so den CD von Bioshell auf unter eine Sekunde bringt, setzt er sich auf 10 Sekunden zurück
    - Lösung: 1x Bioshell, 2x Boltcaster, 1,5 sec. dumm rumstehen, 1x Bioshell, 2x Boltcaster usw. usw.
    - keiner steht gern 1,5 sekunden dumm rum, mal abgesehen davon das es denn mit der DPS wieder weit abwärts geht
    - das es jetzt nur noch 3 schüsse pro Boltcaster sind, lindert das problem zwar etwas, das der Boltcaster vorher zuviel schaden gemacht hat (als er funktionierte), macht ihn aber immer noch nicht spielbar
  • DeX
    13. Jun, 2014
    Added a way to filter guild invites. This can be turned on from the Interface Options menu or the invites themselves. The filter blocks invites from players who are not in your friends list or share a guild/circle/arena team/warparty with you.

    Der Fluch jedes Twinks ist gebannt!

    The synergy between Bolt Caster and Bio Shell was so strong that it allowed Engineer to output DPS numbers considerably higher than other classes. While we enjoy the play style, the damage output was unfair by comparison.

    Ich hab mich schon gefragt warum die DPS Engis sich so unglaublich stark von den anderen abgrenzen.
    Hoffentlich wirkt sich das jedoch nicht zu stark auf die Builds aus die nur jeweils einen der beiden Skills benutzen.

    The Medic ability “Extricate” will no longer work on mask carriers.

    Schade unsere 10er Medicgruppe war mit einer Winrate von 100% gut dabei :D
  • Cryver
    13. Jun, 2014
    Na, da bin ich mal gespannt, ob mich heute wieder mein rosa SM Stalker anlacht ;D