Stalker Tanking Guide
Jun 05, 2015 - 11:43 AM
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Hello ladies and gentleman,

I play a "Lady Celanis" on Jabbit-EU for on team air. I usually raid Datascape 3 times a week as a Stalker Tank. As a premise to F2P I find it imperative that we, as community, try to consolidate significant information to help newer and interested players. With that out of the way, I would like to write this initial guide as a platform to discuss and explore the wonderful world of deflection-centric Stalker tanking. Let's begin.

Most of the things I chose upon I have done because a friend of a friend or a friend of a guildy advised it. It is also partially crafted upon jumping into the fray and coming out alive. Because of this shoddy testing, I understand that there will be a lot of points to optimize. Bear this in mind.
An additional point that comes to mind is, a lot of builds are VIABLE, but I run with only a shard of what is viable. If you find something that works for you, use that! This guide is merely a constructed guideline. If it helps, that's great - that is what it is aiming for.

The stat priorities:
Armor > Tech > Support Power > Insight > Deflect > Grit/Health > Shields.
Few remarks on this:
No critical deflect? No. Getting crit isn't the end of the world in this game. Endgame armor (where it sort of matters) is swamped with critical deflect anyway, so there is no real need to go out and look for it.
Physical resistance? Point by point better then armor, but armor is all-around on all stats, and bosses usually do more then just physical damage.
Do note that at any point, "runing" is your complementary gear. If you raid requires you to bring more threat, prioritize runing more tech and support power. Personally I consider every non-legendary quality DS drop a replaceable item, and rune it accordingly. If I get a legendary tier piece, it will get flux and exceptional runes, since I assume it will last for months.

Rune sets:
Weapon specialist - As much as possible.
Protect your neck - as much as possible.
Haste Runes - as much as possible (but lower prio then actual tanking runes).
Preservation - "nice to have"
Spectral Shift - "nice to have (kind of expensive set)"
Shield Specialist - Get at least the 4 set. the rest is "nice to have"
Elder rune sets:
All rune-sets have an elder counterpart, generally, these are more expensive sets that have fluff effects at 20/20 runes.
Hard Rock - I often use this instead of weapon specialist since it has a better rune-placement, and I love rocky the rock pet! He rocks.
Fusion Guard - Recently started using this. It allowed your fusion runes to be used for tech/support power! the 20/20 effect is a joke.
Crystallize - I never bothered with preservation and went for this instead. fire rune of armor and water of support power make this a nice filler.
Exceptional Runes:
Exceptional Runes count 2 points to a rune set, but with the stats of 1 rune. So 10 Exceptional Hard Rock Rune of Armor (earth) can fill your entire rune set, freeing up 10 precious rune slots.

For runing your gear I recomment the RuneMaster addon, find it on Curse.

AMPs and LAS
I got 2 builds on WS-Base. First, my "default build":
Celanis Stalker Tank

The build I use mostly, is my BT T8 build:
Celanis Stalker Tanking Bloodthirst T8

The WS-Base pages come with guides themselves, but generally, they are identical except for small AMP and LAS changes.

On all my builds, I made the choice in "Assault/Support Hybrid tier 2" to take Stealth Mastery over Follow Up. I don't like Follow Up at all, and I rather pick literally --ANYTHING-- else, over it. And Stealth Mastery seemed like a nice option. If you are badass then me, Pick Follow Up, and stance-dance during a frenzy channel for more suit power!!

Stalker tanking doesn't work with a rotation, but more a priority system. Try to "naturally" react to the environment you are in. losing threat? taunt. enemy casting something deadly? stun that. Red telegraph? dodge. etc. Other then that, try and start with Stealth->frenzy. Steadfast -> frenzy -> decimate -> frenzy.
Generally, as the fight progresses, I try and follow the following priority:

  • Bloodthirst if available.

  • Steadfast if available.

  • Suit Power full? use frenzy to lose some.

  • Decimate if available.

  • Suit power < 35: punish if available.

  • Suit power > 15 and innate is available, use it, and immediatly use frenzy for a cheap unfair-advantage channel.

  • 12 suit power? keep frenzy debuff rolling!

  • Reached this point? wait half a second and start at the top. Waiting half a second every now and then is better then taking the whiplash ability.

That concludes the guide so far. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know! Message me in game, find me on my stream, send me a PM or leave a message below.

Stay fluffy!
Lady Celanis - Exile Aurin Stalker Tank @ Jabbit-EU
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