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Nov 03, 2014 - 09:32 PM
Loui Admin
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Since Readycheck and all its components are completely selfmade, they are never really finished and there is always room for improvements. You can expect new features and improvements to existing parts of the website on a regular basis. The great benefit of a selfmade system like this, is the fact, that we can adjust all systems exactly to our liking, to give you, the user, the best possible experience.



  • Added Report Popup Lightbox

  • Added Login/Register Popup Lightbox

  • Added User-Profile Popup Lightbox

  • E-Mails will no be delivered in HTML


  • LFG Tool is now ready for megaservers.

  • Please update your user-profile and choose your new server.

  • Please update your LFG/LFM Entry to match the new servernames.


  • English localisation completed

  • Loading-Times of Frontpage and Chat highly improved.

  • AJAX Loading Indicator added to various applications.

  • Cleaned up the whole Website's HTML/CSS/JS Code.

  • Tons of minor improvements

  • Tons of minor bug-fixes.

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