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Nov 12, 2014 - 01:48 AM
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Hey there the name's Jeremi! I know the forums are still starting out but I figured I'd take this opportunity to ramble a bit about ADDONS. Because I love Addons and they really help make you feel in control with Wildstar and I enjoy control, because I'm a control freak. The default interface (especially compared to the first UI 1.0 that I got when we first started Beta) is not by any means a bad interface, I just enjoy taking the default and doing what I can.

1. As you can see in the first image, the way I had the interface there wasn't much space to actually view the combat. In a 1600x1900 monitor I was only really getting a small chunk of the experience. So I set about doing some research on how to change this.

2. I started with OPTIPLATES Which can be found on the Curse website, my source for any/all addons. I messed with the settings so that the draw distance would be super low and made the font the super stylized one on the game. I'm a huge fan of this font and continue to use it for most of the addons I have.

3. So now you can see that I've got Optiplates working nice, with the little bar above targets and the colored fonts for targets, but you'll also notice that I changed my UI for nameplates and skill bars, using POTATOUI. In the second image here you can see my cast bar on the screen. This will come into play later.

4. So now I changed the skill bar to be a little more readable for myself, this is kind of personal preference, I'm sure a lot of people don't want/need that, but I like having it there. I've changed it since then to make it centered and be the only piece of information here, without the cast time there.

5. I also love the ICONLOOT addon because it makes the loot system run a little better, and you can even choose it scroll from the bottom or the top.

6. One of the most important things in Wildstar is the Moment of Opportunity, and I feel this is where the customized interface of PotatoUI comes majorly into play. A moment of Opportunity is when you interrupt or stun an enemy in the middle of an attack and if you do it right...

7. their skill/hp bar will turn purple, meaning you can hit them for massive amounts of damage, and really escalates your DPS. I feel this addon helped with my DPS considerably because it enabled me to keep an active eye on an enemy skill. You can't see it here, but eventually I moved MY skill bar and the enemy skill bar in the middle at the bottom of the screen so that my cast bar would be located directly under the enemy, so anytime I saw red creep up, it meant it was time to Stun.

8. ITEM_PREVIEW_IMPROVED is another really good interface addon that allows you to see the individual pieces you're previewing too, because sometimes you have things with the same display icon and forget. As of 11/11/2014 though, it's not meshing well with the new preview Carbine programmed into the game, so for now you may not want to use this.

9. I have quite a few item addons, for example JunkIT, which allows me not only to sell junk with one button, but I can also program it so that everytime I interact with a merchant it will autorepair my junk and autosell any items below a certain quality level. My Inventory Window is a mixture of Addons, using SPACESTASH to not only give a better UI but also allow me to edit which currency shows up where, SenorPLOW for sorting by type better, and SCRAPPY for amazing Salvage control and a way better interface for salvaging, including one-click salvage.

10. And now onto the incredibly controversial PDA. It's a great Roleplay addon and I love the way it looks now with the character preview and junk.

Last few edits I made, I added GuardMINIMAP for square minimap because I like the square map a lot better, and it also shows, lore, quest objectives, etc more efficiently, as does the zone map replacement GuardZONEMAP. But as you can see I have way more estate, way more space to see, and a nice simple efficient, stylized interface. :)

Let me know if I put this in the wrong topic but I really liked how customizeable the interface was for Wildstar and figured I'd share my experience.
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#1 - Nov 12, 2014 - 02:36 PM
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I hate those "you cannot do that yet" or "you are already casting". So I hide them with (Yet)AnotherSCT.

I'm using Optiplates, PotatoUI, GuardMinimap, Iconloot, JunkIT, ItemPreviewImproved aswell. Great Addons. For all medic stuff (actuators, ...) and LAS infos (CDs, Proccs) I use cusomized AuraMastery. e.g. show Atomize Icon only if 3 or les actuators and atomize on LAS and crit-procc-buff and Atomize not on CD (or in next 5sec, then with timer).
#2 - Nov 25, 2014 - 03:17 AM
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Looks great!!

I'm curious which addons you use for ability cooldowns (to track your gadget, path abilities and medishot CDs etc)

I use ProcsHUD, but still have the default layout.
#3 - Nov 29, 2014 - 05:38 AM
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I don't really have anything for those things yet because I don't really have a reason to yet as I don't do any raid content or many dungeons. I'll probably need those things in the future though
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