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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here, kind of new (I should also post in the intro section if there is one). But I know there are a lot of roleplayers out there that write bios like I do.

You're welcome to share OOC information here, as most bios are assumed to be OOC.
((OOC for non roleplayers - is out of character)) All the fun in new rp is discovering other player's histories, right?!
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Age: ((Cassian years only, please!))





Physical Description:

Personality Profile:

Background- prior to Nexus[:

Background- on Nexus: *(new)

Talents and Weaknesses:

Motivations and Goals:
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Subject name: Niliana Bloodbound

Age: 25 Cassian years

Race: Draken

Sex: Female

Class: Spellslinger

Path: Settler
Overview: Niliana is a ruthless bounty huntress. Having left the army for better prospects, she finds herself leading a company of bounty hunters now.
Physical Description: Niliana is tall, muscular, yet still thin from her constant activity. Her long black hair is constantly dyed to match her ever changing mood. If she’s feeling mysterious, she’ll cast it to a dark violet. Open to conversation; a friendly blonde.
Her face is oval shaped with a beastly nose and full luscious lips. Her red eyes predatory in nature, are almond shaped with hooded lids.
She wore a tattered trainee uniform from her military days when she arrived on Nexus. Now that she's come upon some wealth, you'll find her d*cupcake*d in the finest cloths and gold armor.

Personality Profile:Personality for Niliana? Greedy comes to mind. Ruthless is natural for someone in her race. Bloodthirsty? Sure. She also has a very short temper when it comes to dealing with bullshitters. Ultimately she’s the kind of gal who looks out for number 1 first.

Background- prior to Nexus: Let's start from the very beginning shall we?
Jeckson, a non-traditional Draken serving in the Dominion Military was serving on Mikros under a protection contract for some Cassian Military Official who had been visiting to secure some more resources (aka soldiers).

And Kirisana was just a traditional Draken. She had been pledged to another male, life was hard, but life was great because of that very reason. Yet, she always felt there was something more to life.
The moment their eyes met one fateful *morning was the day that started Niliana's fate. For, they were her parents. They met secretly behind huts, and Jecksen's commands were to leave Mikros. His one loyalty was to his service and as much as he yearned to stay with Kiri, he knew he'd face certain prosecution for leaving the military.

After much persuasion, Kiri left her village and swore her allegiance to the Dominion Military. Life was much different in the service than it was on Mikros. Life was better when she served under her new husband, Jecksen. Together they took an adopted surname for official Dominion purposes, Bloodbound.

They both rose in the ranks and led their own command after three years of blissful marriage. Venus Rising was the code name of their team and together they led legendary battles and provided many victories for their Colonel. The Dominion had a team that they were proud of.

And Kiri and Jecksen both had a family to be proud of. Little Serzanna was only two years old, waddling around and biting her father's tail whenever she could. It was just the three of them and when they weren't on duty, they were a happy family, nestled comfortably on the Dominion base not far from Mikros.

Kiri was three months pregnant with their second child when they were sent away for their final mission. The travel alone was long enough to allow Kiri's pregnancy gestate without interference. Niliana was born in deep space while stationed on a protection mission. Little Serzanna was safe with her cousins on Mikros when their parents met their fate.

One thing you'll read in history books: Most Draken do not live long lives. And not for biological reasons. There are ancient Draken who have retired to peaceful lives. But for the most part, Draken don't stop even if it means certain death to them.

Kirisana and Jeckson's fates would line up correctly with this lifespan theory.
It was only meant to be a protection mission. A Matriarch was in danger, an anonymous tip had come through. The team codenamed Venus Rising drew its last breath when an Exile group of mercenaries attacked using biological warfare.

Baby Niliana, three days old, never saw her parents drop dead instantly. She never saw the blood rush from every orafice as their blood boiled from within. Baby Niliana was safe on the Dominion Military ship.

Somehow in the chaos of losing some of their best Commanders, the Dominion Military lost track of who Niliana belonged to. She was shipped off to the Dominion Military Orphanage when no one stepped forward to claim her.

An orphaned Draken. Surrounded by mostly Cassians, Niliana was raised on Cassus as one of them. Being the only Draken, and noting how she was physically different by the age of two, she took to finding out everything she could about her kind.

By the age of six, she had displayed her void powers and took training while in the Cassian school system. It was when she was 15 when she found a new professor in her life, a kindly Cassian gentleman who saw her struggles. He shipped her several books on Draken culture and even a few redacted files about who he thought her parents were.

She swallowed the information quickly. And when she finally signed up for the Army, as was par for the Oprhans of the Dominion Military.. she got to ask her questions. She was rewarded with her history, her parents history and she was put on a pedastal when she was presented in front of her own Commanders. The daughter of the Venus Rising Commanders was certainly something special.

By the age of 19, Niliana rose to the challenge and did most everything she could to fill her parents shoes. She even led her own team of assasins by the age of 23. She served as the healer between the hits. Her team was code named Uzekamanzi. Something she had heard from an enemy's mouth when she sliced her knife into his throat. It sounded fierce, crazy and intimidating.

She led Uzekamanzi for years before news of Nexus came to their ears. She and her squad signed up to explore this new world and to serve under the Dominion Army.

Background- on Nexus:
But, after arriving on Nexus, Niliana found there was more to life than serving and killing under orders. She discharged herself from the Military.

She met a Cassian woman by the name of Golestandt and a cheeky Chua named Schlock. Together they founded the Bounty Hunting Company using her parent's legendary Company name...Venus Rising.

When the profits came pouring in and the company grew by sudden numbers of members, Niliana became bored again. She fancied leading a group of Draken she had bonded with. She claimed herself the Matriarch and created her own clan. She titled them Uzekamanzi. And they're one of the more fierce groups to live on Nexus.

But, life on Nexus is never easy. Especially when you put your guard down.

Her clan grounds caught aflame. Several of her clan members were presumed dead, including an exile they had been holding for ransom.

But, a Draken female never gives up.

Now she sets her sights on savouring life while it's short.

Despite her fights with Golestandt and the jealousy issues, Niliana finds herself falling in love with the Cassian female....

A new chapter is starting in Niliana's life, a new beginning on Nexus.

Talents and Weaknesses:Niliana is a talented Spellslinger, having advanced the quickest in her classes she was put on the medic team in battle. That isn’t to say she’s not physically strong, she just prefers the use of magic. She’s also a skilled culinary artist and lover.

Motivations and Goals:Money. Fame. Power.
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