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Readycheck has a simple goal. To provide you with the best WildStar community platform possible! Beside daily-news, in-depth articles and guides, useful tools and interesting blogs and columns we want to be a place, where the community can hangout and interact, chat, discuss and debate with each other. Join us and help us to reach that goal!
By Loui on Nov 10, 2014 at 09:11 AM
Team Readycheck is willing to shoulder any effort to make this place to your home outside of planet Nexus. We want this and we are willing to put a great amount of our free time into this project to give you the community platform you deserve. We are gamers like you, passionate about MMO's and WildStar in particular. We love this game and we love the community around it. Join our team now and help us to reach that goal.

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There are several ways to become a member of Team Readycheck. You can either join our editorial stuff, start your own blog/column and be completely independent or you decide to be a part of our media team which is all about videos and streams. If you are really passionate you can also join multiple teams, although we strongly recommend to start with one assignment.

You are always up to date about anything regarding WildStar? You are always on the search for new information's about WildStar and are keeping track of all different websites, sources, social media channels? As a part of our News-Team you will gather everything worth mentioning and write our Shortnews. Thanks to you and the News-Team our community is always best informed about what is going on with WildStar.

As an article-writer you will pick a interesting topic of your liking and start writing an in-depth article about it. You generate high quality content which can be a guide/interview/review/preview or anything else. Depending on the topic, it can also contain the author's opinion and since the quality of the article is key, the author is in no rush and can really focus on delivering something neat.

As a blogger or columnist you write articles for our shared specials our your personal special. What are specials you ask? Specials are our blogs/columns/rankings and all other forms of periodically released episodes such as "Housing Showcase", "Perfect Ten", "Addon Workshop", "Community Watch" and many more. If you want to publish your own WildStar blog for example, then this would be your personal special. Nobody else would be allowed to put his/her fingers on your blog. Shared specials are open for everyone. Depending on the special, your article can be subjective, funny, quirky or totally crazy.

You are a master of your class? You know things about WildStar no one else knows? You have some useful tips and tricks for our community? Be our guest and become a guidewriter! No matter if you are planning to write an ultra in-depth guide or only a quick video with some tips and tricks, we want our guide-section to contain everything WildStar players should know about! Your guild is planning on writing some Raidboss-Guides? We have a special offer for you guys!

All WildStar Streamer are welcome at Readycheck. We are already tracking all WildStar streams at and we would like to support each other even further. As a Readycheck-Partner we can promote your Livestream in several ways. Promoted streams can we be watched on our frontpage and will be by announced through a fancy countdown. You have or you are planning to start a weekly WildStar Podcast? We also have a very special offer four you guys!

Capturing ingame stuff is your secret passion? You are making funny/informative videos of any kind about WildStar? We can support and promote your Youtube-Channel in many ways! Get in touch with us, so we can speak about the details!

Within the community-team you moderate the forum and comment sections of the website. You start and participate in discussions and get the community going. You initiate community-events which are either on the website, or ingame. The community team tries to increase the user-participation on the entire website and our social media platforms.

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Are there any requirements?
First of all, you should have fun working on your area of responsibility and you should really love WildStar. We are not looking for mayflies. Continuity and a high amount of motivation is key for a long term success. In terms of required skills, there is only one rule applying: You should know what you are doing! If you are part of the editorial team, you should know how to write and to use the tools to do so. If you are streaming, you should have experience in doing so.

How much can you pay me?
This whole project is from fans of WildStar for fans of WildStar. We are gamers like you and we are willing to work very hard on this project, not because we could eventually get very rich or because someone pays us to do so but because we love the game and the community around it. We do have some long term goals for the project itself and there are several milestones/stepping stones to reach before we could even talk about money.

Would i be under any obligations?
Since we are not paying you any money and you would do all the work voluntarily, you would have no obligations at all, although we appeal to your sincerity and social skills. We are a team here at Readycheck and we expect everyone to work as a part of that team. Everyone involved is grown up and there is no need for any drama or other problems that could not be solved through talking to each other. Because of this communication between team members is very important to us.

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