Free 10-Days WildStar Trial now available!

With today's system maintenance Carbine implemented a new 10 Day Trial for WildStar, which is available directly through the NCSoft Account System. The good news is: This trial is also available to all former players with inactive accounts. Check out Content Drop #4, for free!
By Loui on Feb 11, 2015 at 08:35 PM
Month for Month, Content Drop for Content Drop WildStar gets a little bit more polished, more accessible to a broader audience, simply put more awesome!

A few months ago there were several good reasons why players decided to cancel their subscription and actually did (as the new earnings reports revealed) and nowadays there are plenty of really good reasons to re-subscribe but unfortunately players which stopped playing WildStar a couple of months ago are not able to use Carbine's existing guest passes and therefore have no chance to check if all the improvements are actually worth enough to re-subscribe.

This problem is now gone for good!
With today's system maintenance Carbine implemented a free 10 day trial period, which is available of course to new players but also and especially to former players with an inactive account status. With this new system in place and the current momentum, thanks to the recently deployed content drop, there is a really good chance to win back a good amount of players. So what are you waiting for? Log in your NCSoft account, press the yellow button and off you go!

Check out the awesomeness of Content Drop #4!

Welcome back to Nexus, cupcakes!

WildStar 10 Day Trial FAQ
WildStar 10 Day Trial provides 10-days of restricted game access. It’s a great opportunity to get an introduction to WildStar and check out the game play! The ten days of play time begins as soon as you click the Free Trial button in your account management page or free trial landing page. It is not possible to pause, restart, or stop trial time so be sure that you are ready to play before you click. Once a Free Trial is registered, it cannot be used again.

If you decide you want to continue playing WildStar during or after your trial time expires and you haven’t already purchased WildStar, you can purchase a copy of WildStar and upgrade your trial account to keep playing any characters created during the free trial (with full access to all in-game content!). If you need assistance with upgrading your trial account, please visit the following link:

If you added the trial to an existing full access WildStar game account to check out new content, you can simply reactivate your game account to continue playing. If you need assistance with reactivating your account, please visit the following link:

Free Trials are intended for new players to try out the game or returning players who want to see how things have changed. You cannot add a free trial to an existing WildStar account that has remaining game time; however, adding a free trial to an existing Standard or Deluxe WildStar account that has NO remaining (Lapsed) game time will add 10-days of unrestricted play!

Free trials are region-locked. If you are receiving the error “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account”, please visit the following article for more information on what this means:

As mentioned above, there are some in-game restrictions for WildStar Free Trial accounts. Below is the content you won’t have access to when playing a free trial account (but you will have unlimited acces if you decide to purchase WildStar or already own WildStar and have no game time!):

In-Game Restrictions:

  • Max of 3 characters slots per realm

  • Max character experience up to level 20 and path experience up to level 12.

  • Limited to Apprentice Crafting (Tier 1)

  • 50 Gold Currency Cap.

  • 5000 Renown Cap.

  • Joining or creating guilds is disabled

  • Creating circles is disabled, but you can join them.

  • Trading with other players is disabled.

  • Sending and Receiving mail is disabled.

  • Housing Restrictions:

    • Cannot become a neighbor or a roommate.

    • Cannot invite another character to be a neighbor or roommate.

  • Commodity Exchange Restrictions:

    • Cannot post, buyout, or bid on any item in the Commodity Exchange.

  • Chat restricted to Say, Yell, and Party chat.

  • /Ticket ingame is disabled

  • Limited forum access (Read-only access)

  • Cannot receive or purchase C.R.E.D.D.

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  • Krighton
    Feb 12, 2015
    What are the restrictions?
    • Loui
      Feb 12, 2015
      All ingame restrictions are already listed in the article.
      Everything else is not yet known. (if it's a one time thing per account or if it is on a cooldown or anything similar)