Garden Exploit: Lifetime Bans, Hotfix & Official Statement

Carbine is working on a hotfix for a WildStar gold exploit, which is associated with a malfunction of the Garden Housing Plug. According to Carbine, a rollback will not be necessary. In order to prevent continued misuse of the Garden Plug, Carbine has disabled all tiers of Gardening on live servers.
By Loui on Nov 14, 2014 at 11:04 AM
After fixing a number of issues with Garden plugs that caused plants to be missing, to disappear, or unable to be replanted, another bug made his way into the game, that caused plants on your Garden Housing Plug to regrew instantly after harvesting.

Within the last hours many players mentioned this exploit via social media and the forums. Especially on the US-Server Warhound, players were able to fill their pockets with a large amount of platinum by harvesting and selling tons of plants. As a result of this CREDD prices have skyrocketed and a large amount of popular items where bought off the auction houses.

While Carbine was investigating the problem, a quick reminder of how to handle exploits in the game was released on the official forums.

Exploits and you
Hey Everyone,

I want to remind you all of Carbine’s stance on game-breaking exploits in WildStar. If you find a game system that seems to be providing rewards beyond what is reasonable, or can be manipulated to provide rewards beyond what is reasonable, it is your responsibility to report it to the CS or Community team and STOP using the exploit. While we understand that finding a quick way to boost your character can be exciting and the natural inclination may be to take advantage of it because it’s “just a game,” it is ultimately bad for the entire WildStar community if the abuse continues.

“What is reasonable?” you may ask. While not every player is a game designer or a mathematician, most can understand the concept of risk versus reward. The more risky or challenging an endeavor, the better the rewards should be. The flip side of that is that the more rewarding an endeavor, the riskier or more challenging it should be. If something is very easy or quickly repeatable in a short time, but gives out substantial rewards, it’s probably not working as intended. When in doubt, put in a ticket to ask Support, or contact Community via . Please DO NOT post in a public forum thread that will be visible to other players, as that can lead to the replication of the exploit, which can lead to wider suspensions or closures, which is ultimately bad for the entire community, as it impacts population.

If you choose to abuse an exploit you may be actioned, up to and including account closure. It pains me to have to write a message like this but we have had multiple incidents of players deciding that their own personal gain was more important than fair play alongside their fellow players, and we cannot have that.

A couple of hours later, and while many players on various social media sites and forums were demanding a server rollback and a massive wave of bans, Carbine responded with an official statement regarding the gold exploit. According to Carbine, a rollback will not be necessary. Instead Carbine is going to fix the problem manually where necessary.

In the statement Tony Rey goes on to mention the possibility of lifetime bans, though Carbine is willing to give players, who have used the exploit, a grace period of 24 hours to turn themselves in.

Reported Gold Exploit
Hello all,

We are aware of the gold exploit feedback that has been circulating social media and the forums. At this point, we are working to get a hotfix put together as soon as possible. A rollback will not be necessary at this time; the current scope of abuse is not outside our ability to manually correct where necessary. Please understand, if you have abused this exploit, we will be taking action against your account. As you all know, we take exploits seriously and will not hesitate to lifetime ban accounts that have been caught abusing any exploits.

That being said, if you have used this exploit - you have 24 hours to contact Customer Support. They will confiscate your exploited items and reduce your punishment. This is a one-time offer, I suggest you take it.

I will be posting more info as I have it.

A few hours later, Carbine finally investigated the problem and decided to disable Gardening temporarily to prevent continued misuse of the Garden Plug.

Gardening Temporarily Disabled
Due to a complicated issue within the source code of Gardening Plugs, our team will require additional time to create, test, and deploy a hotfix to address the exploit identified on Live today. In order to prevent continued misuse of the Garden Plug, we have disabled all tiers of Gardening on Live.

We will update players as development continues on this front.
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