MEGA-Overview: Content Drop #4

With Content Drop #4 for WildStar, a huge patch full of adjustments, quality of life improvements and many new and awesome features awaits us early next year. Since an early build of Patch 1.2.0 is already deployed on the PTR, we were able to dig deep into Carbine's next major game update. Take a look at our MEGA-Overview to learn more about Content Drop #4!
By Loui on Dec 15, 2014 at 08:51 PM

Table of contents

Datascape (20-Player)

With Datascape, Carbine deployed one of the most challenging and most beautiful raids in MMO history. Unfortunately only a few hundred players were so far able to step into Caretaker's evil mind. With Content Drop #4, Carbine is going to re-balance Datascape to be a 20-player raid instance and so hopefully a much wider audience will be able to experience this masterpiece.

Carbine already published detailed information's about the reasons behind this decisions and also answered a lot of frequently asked questions regarding the transition to a smaller raid size. Here are some of the most important facts.

Changes coming to Datascape

We are re-balancing Datascape to be a 20-player raid instance instead of its current 40-player size.

This is, obviously, a big change and will frustrate and excite players to varying degrees. I would like to take the time to explain some of the reasoning behind this decision.

We spoke to a number of raiding guilds--including all of the ones at that time who had experience within Datascape. The feedback across the board listed the extreme pressure that the 'roster boss' put upon those guilds, and the (in our opinion) excessive amount of additional stress it required simply to maintain a stable 40-player raid roster.

Our analytics shows that the player buy-in (number of players attempting the raid) is too low and that the player turnover (players who entered, then left and did not return) is much too high.

This change should greatly help in addressing 'roster boss,' player buy-in, and player turnover rate without losing the epic experience of defeating some of the most challenging encounters in the market. Making this change will also allow us to improve the experience in several additional ways:

  • Combat - Our combat system functions much more cleanly in a smaller 20-player raid environment. We feel that it has been extremely successful in Genetic Archives. Reducing the number of players in Datascape to match Genetic Archives allows the encounters and rooms and mechanics to be much cleaner, clearer, and enjoyable for players.

  • FPS - More people means more load, and a 40-player raid players further restricted the pool of players with machines that were capable of running the content as smoothly as we’d like. Reducing the player count will greatly reduce the load on players' connections and computers, helping out quite a bit for a number of rooms and encounters within Datascape.

  • Future Content - With a consistent raid size, it allows us to streamline our future content and no longer split it among varying raid sizes. This will allow future zones to have more clearly defined places in the progression, and avoid the disconnect that can arise when attempting to compare raids of different sizes.

  • Guild Management - Running a guild is a lot of work. Having two separate raid sizes forced many guilds to attempt to rapidly expand from 20 to 40 players after finishing Genetic Archives, additionally causing the work required to manage that many people to increase exponentially. Having our raid sizes be consistent across all zones will create a clear expectation and balance for players and guilds that they can plan and build around.

  • Testing - It is very difficult not just for players, but also for us to assemble 40 people to test these encounters. This has made it very difficult for us to adequately test many of these encounters internally. Reducing the size will allow us to balance, tune, and bug-fix our encounters much more effectively.

Are the encounters being nerfed?
No, they are not. Some aspects may feel easier to handle because of the reduced player count, but none of the encounters are being reduced in difficulty.

Will the 40 still be available?
No, it will not. Existing achievements earned in the 40-player will be converted to Galactic Hotshot achievements.
The 40-player version will remain available until Datascape-20 goes live.

Will the gear be changing?
It will not, the legendary gear will remain legendary. The number of items that drop per kill will be reduced to match the new raid size--you can expect it to drop about the same number of items per boss/miniboss as Genetic Archives.

Features Trailer

Ultimate Protogames

What happens when Protostar does a game show? With Content Drop #4 players will find out by playing the new 5-Player Dungeon called "Ultimate Protogames". The instance is split up into eleven rooms or so called Protogames which are all some sort of Mini-Dungeons on its own.

Instead of earning one medal at the end of the dungeon, groups will earn a medal after each Protogame depending on their score. To get a higher score for each room, groups can complete objectives and challenges. Objectives will grant you bonus points while completing challenges gives you a higher point multiplier.

Groups will encounter six event rooms and three encounters throughout the dungeon.
Since there are eleven Protogames, all rooms will get mixed up, each time you enter the dungeon.

Here are some more information's about all eleven Protogames:

Protostar Petting Zoo

Within the Protostar Petting Zoo groups will have to kill as many critters like Jabbits, Rowsdowers and other animals as possible while handling the Boss Encounter at the center of the room. Since some of the critters have dynamite on them, plenty of fun is guaranteed!

Waste Management Facility

In this Protogame, groups will have to manage several tanks while being under heavy attack of an Incinerator. Dodge the red so you don't get caught on fire and decide which tank you will bring down first. It's definitely getting hot in here!

The Squirgnasium

The Squirgs are coming! In this Protogame you will have to defend yourself against several waves of Squirgs. While keeping the vermin away from you, you will also have to fight against Bubbles, some sort of gigantic gorilla, which is really angry because you are killing his favorite meal of the day! Vermin Control is on its way!

The Prototentiary

Within the Protostar Prison you are on a Stealth & Sneak Mission to execute the Gate-Guardian. To do so you will have to sneak through different high security perimeters, by-pass the guardians while dodging the spotlights and assassinate everything which would blow your cover.

HMS Phineas

In this Protogame you are on the spaceship called HMS Phineas named after Phineas T. Protostar and you have to defend it against waves of invading Space Marauders. As you beat them down and weaken them, you will gain access to a "Super-Punch" Ability, which allows you to kick them of the ship. Don't forget: You will get bonus points if you hit them against the asteroids!

Elemental Hospital

The Elemental Hospital is surrounded by a noxious gas which will kill you and your party members within seconds. To clean up this mess, one party member will have to pick up a beacon to shield the rest of the group. There will be waves of enemies that are tuned to different elements. The person with the beacon will have to navigate the group towards the right elements, while the rest is fighting off the enemies.

The Cuboar Coterie

You like jumping puzzles? You have already done the Cubig FABkit Challenge? Then this is the right Protogame for you! You will have to bounce from Cubig to Cubig to get higher and higher but don't forget to keep an eye on your group mates. Once one of you falls into the water, everything was for nothing! Sounds like a lot of fun!

The Employee Cafeteria

In this Protogame you will fight against Slimy Feast which is super hungry! Feat the slimy thing with the correct food and you will get rewarded. Feat it with bombs and Slimy will get super "HAAAANGRY!!" You don't want Slimy to get hangry, no you don't!

Protostar Break Room

Making a break means not making money! That's why Protostar's Break Room looks like a obstacle course. If your group manages to get into the break room, you will have fight Bev-O-Rage, which is a gigantic, deadly beverage vending machine. You want to have a break? Earn it!

Intern Disposal Facility 74

How to make money by getting rid of interns? Easy! Just through them into a deadly game of Hut Hut Hike and let people pay to watch them getting ripped apart. Your goal is to get the intern into the enemy's end zone! If you like Football and SWToR's Huttball, you are definitely going to love this!

Lost and Found Department

The Lost and Found Department of Protostar contains a numerous amount of crates, but nobody knows what they actually contain. You will have to find out! Just make sure, that you do not open all at once! Something tells me, that some of these crates will contain nothing good, but instead be very explosive or dangerous!

Protogames Academy

Besides the Level 50 Protostar Dungeon, Carbine is also going to release a new Level 10 Dungeon. This Tutorial Dungeon called "Protostar Academy" addresses the issue of new players feeling overwhelmed by all the things going on for example in Stormtalons Lair or Ruins of Kel'Voreth with Level 20.

The new dungeon will teach the player how to overcome certain mechanics and how to make use of interrupt armor and the moment of opportunity. After surviving this tutorial, players should be much more confident in terms of attempting more challenging dungeons and to fight against harder enemies like group monsters and world bosses.

Veteran Shiphands

The most common complain about WildStar seems to be the lack of casual friendly and non-hardcore content. Carbine is listening and decided, despite the original roadmap, to release Veteran Shiphands with Content Drop #4. Shiphands are special, cause they are not affected by the holy trinity (tank,healer,dps). They also give you certain choices, like adventures do, and have therefore a high replayability.

To join a Veteran Shiphand, you can either look out for one of the shuttles spread across Nexus or you can just use the Group Finder to queue for a Shiphand of your choice. You can either join alone or with up to 4 more players.

Here is a list of all current Veteran Shiphand Missions:

  • Fragment Zero (New!)

  • Outpost M-13

  • Infestation

  • Rage Logic

  • Space Madness

  • Deep Space Exploration

  • Gauntlet

New Shiphand Mission

The introduction of Veteran Shiphands is the perfect timing to also introduce a new Shiphand Mission. "Fragment Zero" will be a complete new Shiphand Mission available in Normal and Veteran difficulty. You can enter the new mission by using the Group Finder or by traveling to one of the shuttles located in Deradune, Ellevar, Algoroc or Celestion.

Character Chop Shop

One of the biggest surprises of this Content Drop is the new ingame Character Chop Shop. Players are now able to adjust the look of their beloved character by visiting a Protostar Appearance Modificator NPC which can be found in both capital cities as well as in several smaller towns across Nexus.

The Chop Shop offers all the options from the Character Creation Interface, such as hair style, hair color and many more. To the delight of all the players this new service costs no real money or CREDD. All adjustments are available for ingame gold and have a set price.

Overview of all costs:

  • Face Style: 25g

  • Customize Face: 15g

  • Skin Color: 15g

  • Hair Style: 25g

  • Hair Color: 15g

  • Eye Color: 10g

  • Jewelry: 10g

  • Body Type: 40g


Housing is by far one of the most successful systems in WildStar. Carbine realized that quickly and began to put a lot more effort into developing new housing features, to give players continuously more possibilities to build and decorate their beloved homes. After increasing the decor and lightning limit with Content Drop #3 players are now able to change the terrain of their housing plot to fit the style and theme of their house.

Instead of the default mediterranean terrain you can now choose between several other terrains which are already being used in zones like Whitevale, Wilderrun or Malgrave. Here is an overview of all terrains that are so far available:

New Building Blocks

Another feature of Content Drop #4 are additional Building Blocks, which were added to the housing vendor. Especially things like curved walls, railings or tubes and cylinders were often a huge undertaking for players, which were forced to mix certain decor items together to get the desired effect. We are curious with what new houses people will come up, since they now have access to a various amount of new building blocks.

Here is a overview of all new building blocks:

  • Windows (including clear glass panes)

  • Decking

  • Railing

  • Doors (frame-less doors that you can open)

  • Cylinders

  • Tubes

  • Curved Walls

  • Triangle Walls

  • Domes

Endgame Itemization

With Content Drop #4 Carbine is taking the next step to optimize and redo WildStar's endgame itemization. After releasing the reworked rune system with Content Drop #3, it is now the time to optimize gear progressions, attributes, loot-tables, eldergame currencies and several other parts. Evan Graziano, Lead Itemization Designer at Carbine Studios, already gave some detailed insight in what we can expect in the next update.

Endgame Itemization Changes
The Raid/Veteran itemization changes are essentially redoing our entire end-game itemization plan from scratch. It's more than just changing a few stats on items. We're coordinating with the Combat/Class team much more closely to try to get some changes to how stats affect your actual character (Grit comes to mind immediately). We're reorganizing loot tables so you don't get the same mini boss drops 4 times in a row. We're adding a new currency to Veteran Dungeons and Raids so that upgrades are no longer locked behind time-gated Elder Gems (Elder Gem gear rewards will be moving to either this new currency or Renown). We're adding a new vendor system that allows you to trade non-currency items (i.e. slot tokens) to a vendor for gear upgrades.

And all of these changes are directly connected to a number of other systems changes and new systems we're introducing in Drop 4 (which is tentatively scheduled for sometime in January) - new things like Contracts and the Eldan Forge, updates to World Loot, Challenge Rewards, and currency systems like Renown and Reputation.

We took a good long look at WIldStar's itemization plan and the feedback from players about the issues it has/had and are attacking those issues from multiple fronts. The Rune changes were something we felt would could squeeze in separately from the rest of the overhauls, so they made it into Drop 3. The rest will be coming in Drop 4.

To keep things relatively simple starting out, I’m just gonna go point by point detailing some of the major intended changes for adventure/dungeon/raid loot. I worry that I may not have done the best job conveying some of the finer details during the stream, so I will also do my best to expand upon each bullet as I get to it.

  • Gear Progression

    • With these changes, we want to create a more solidly structured gear progression for players at end-game. That is, we don’t want pieces of adventure gear being BiS until Datascape, or blue crafted gear to be on par with Genetic Archives drops in terms of effectiveness. Although we do have a tiered structure in place currently, we are looking to reinforce this a bit more through stat and item level adjustments to create a more noticeable transition from adventures into dungeons, and dungeons into raids. As I mentioned during the livestream, we will also be displaying item level in tooltips in the future, allowing for a much more definite indication of an item’s power level.

    • I should also note that, with these changes, the intent is not to phase out crafting. If a tie-in is made with dungeons and raids, requiring participation in order to craft certain items, then yes, these should certainly be just as powerful as the items that drop alongside said ingredients or schematics. For the crafted items that do not require any sort of group coordination or gameplay, however, then it should be expected that they are less potent than what can be obtained in some of the game’s hardest content.

  • Stats

    • Although not the case with every piece of gear, we have noticed a large number of items that are either split in their class prioritization, or contain stats that just aren’t all that beneficial to the intended roles (yes, we realize that brutality and strikethrough are not all that attractive to healers). Our intent here is to go through every drop and ensure that it is geared towards a specific class and role (there may still be some generalities – heavy tank armor, melee dps accessories, healing accessories, etc), and that all stats present are useful. Players will also start to notice more of a Grit presence in order to better prepare them for future challenges.

    • Given the number of changes that are required here, the most efficient solution is likely going to be that we release brand new gear into these spaces. We are retiring a large number of items as it is, and worry that making adjustments to existing gear could end up nerfing/buffing too many players too randomly and unpredictably, due to changes in item level and class/role intention. We do not want you to feel as though time in the spaces has been wasted, however, so we are also looking into viable means of compensating players that have already dedicated a fair amount of time here.

  • Loot Tables

    • Table Size: As a player, I hate the idea of going into a fight knowing that I have a 1 in 24 chance of seeing the item I want, noticing that I have a few other players in the raid to roll against, and then realizing that if I don’t get it, I have to wait another week to try again. Some RNG is good. This RNG is bad. I would much rather see each boss in our game with a much smaller, more specific loot pool, than go into a space knowing that there is a lot more gear variety, but having it be due to the fact that 5 bosses drop boots for an Assault Warrior that are just as good for an Assault Engineer. These giant tables are most prevalent in our raids, but I will be making some adjustments in adventures and dungeons as well.

    • Shared Tables: Although not quite as prevalent, there are a number of points where some of you may have noticed shared loot across minibosses. Although I can see some merit (an individual table for every miniboss in Datascape is a bit much), I am still looking to mix the loot up a bit more than what we have now, as well as offer some other non-equippable item incentives to keep the tables fresh.

  • Class Piece Tokens (Raid Only)

    • This is a point that I want to clarify a bit more, as I feel that a lot of you are slightly confused as to what exactly I was referring to with these. With the new layout, I am looking to make class-specific items the most potent, desirable items in the raids. As such, I want to make them difficult to acquire, but not impossible. The intent with these tokens is to have a set number (1-2) of them drop from raid bosses specifically (not minibosses). Upon receiving these tokens, players be able to turn them in directly for a piece of gear relevant to their class. Alongside these tokens, players will still be obtaining less potent gear directly from the bosses they kill, as to not completely remove the element of surprise/RNG. Right now the intended breakdown is as follows:

      • Heavy (Warrior/Engineer)

        • Head

        • Shoulders

        • Chest

        • Legs

        • Hands

        • Feet

      • Medium (Medic/Stalker)

        • Head

        • Shoulders

        • Chest

        • Legs

        • Hands

        • Feet

      • Light (Spellslinger/Esper)

        • Head

        • Shoulders

        • Chest

        • Legs

        • Hands

        • Feet

    • This change will also help to cut down on clutter considerably (we’re effectively condensing 72 items into 18), and will increase the likelihood of raids being able to consistently see usable drops.

  • Class-Specific Pieces (Raid Only)

    • As it stands, we have class-specific raid drops with their own unique appearances, which are otherwise no better than a majority of the other gear that is dropping in the same space. Therefore, we thought it would be nice to make these pieces stand out to players a bit more, and give you a little something extra to strive for. So, aside from their new token association, these pieces will be bumped up to become the most powerful tiers of gear in their respective raids, and will also be modified to provide a number of guaranteed Omni slots.

Eldergame Currencies

In the past players were not able to buy anything meaningful for Renown and were also forced to wait for weeks or even months to be able to buy an item for Elder Gems. With Content Drop #4 Currency Vendors will play a much more important role towards gear progression. All items from the Elder Gem Vendor are now available for either Renown or Glory, which is a new currency for veteran dungeons and raids.

Carbine updated all Currency Vendor Lootlists and moved many items between them to allow players to really work towards certain improvements. Here is an overview of all currencies and their changes with Content Drop #4 for WildStar.

Elder Gems

  • Level 50 players still earn Elder Gems by doing all different kinds of activities that would otherwise give experience.

  • 75.000 Experience will be converted into 1 Elder Gem.

  • The weekly cap for Elder Gems will remain at 140 Elder Gems per week.

  • Players can earn an additional 10 Elder Gems per week by completing the weekly OMNICore1 quest.

  • Players can earn an additional 40 Elder Gems per week by completing one of the new weekly Elder Gem quests.

  • The Elder Gem Vendor does not offer equipment anymore.

  • All items from normal mode shiphands, adventures and dungeons are now available for Renown.

  • All items from veteran mode shiphands and adventures are now also available for Renown.

  • All items from veteran mode dungeons and raids are now available for Glory (new currency).

  • You can now buy a Duffel Bag of Distinguished Dyes (75 EG) as well as a Pouch of Pristine Pigments (450 EG) from the Elder Gem vendor.


  • Players still earn Renown for all different kinds of activities within a group.

  • You can now purchase a numerous amount of items for Renown. All items still have certain requirements such as boss kills, medals or achievements.

    • Equipment from Shiphands (Normal Mode)

    • Equipment from Shiphands (Veteran Mode)

    • Equipment from Adventures (Normal Mode)

    • Equipment from Adventures (Veteran Mode)

    • Equipment from Dungeons (Normal Mode)

  • Instead of the existing Dye Collection Bags, you can now purchase following Bags of Dyes:

    • Trunk of Tarnished Tings (500 Renown)

    • Case of Coordinated Colors (2000 Renown)

    • Duffel Bag of Distinguished Dyes (15.000 Renown)

    • Pouch of Pristine Pigments (250.000 Renown)

  • You can now purchase all Festival FABkits as well as the Datascape Raid Portal FABkit for Renown.

  • You can now purchase several rune fragments for Renown:

    • Rune Fragment (500 Renown)

    • Intricate Rune Fragment (1000 Renown)

    • Armor Rune Fragment (1000 Renown)

    • Eldan Rune Fragment (2000 Renown)

    • Augmented Rune Fragment (2000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Warrior (3000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Engineer (3000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Medic (3000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Stalker (3000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Spellslinger (3000 Renown)

    • Fragment of the Esper (3000 Renown)

  • Some completely new and unique rune sets are now available for Renown:

    • Enlightenment (3/6/9 Runes)

      • Increases your Experience gains by 2/4/6%.

    • Celebrity (3/6/9 Runes)

      • Increases your Renown gains by 2/4/6%.

    • Covetous (3/6/9 Runes)

      • Increases your Coin drops by 2/4/6%.

    • Haste (3/6/9 Runes)

      • Increases Movement Speed by 5/7.5/10%.

      • This bonus does not apply inside PvP instances.

  • There are three new costume sets available for Renown:

  • You can now purchase Ability Tier Points as well as AMP Power Upgrades for Renown (you can only use them once):

    • 1x AMP Power Upgrade (1500 Renown - Requires a Gold Medal on all Veteran Shiphands)

    • 1x Ability Tier Point Unlock (2000 Renown - Requires a Gold Medal on all Veteran Adventures)

    • 1x AMP Power Upgrade (200.000 Renown - No further requirements)

    • 1x Ability Tier Point Unlock (300.000 Renown - No further requirements)

Glory (New Currency!)

  • You can earn Glory by completing objectives in veteran dungeons and raids.

  • There is no weekly limit or cap for Glory.

  • There are two new Armor-Sets available, which you can unlock by playing veteran dungeons.

    • Dungeon Runner Set (iLevel 58 - Blue)

    • Experienced Dungeon Runner Set (iLevel 61 - Epic)

  • All veteran dungeons and raid items which were previously obtainable through elder gems are now available for Glory.

  • You can purchase the "Rally Grinder Mount" for 7.500 Glory.

  • There are three new costumes available for Glory:

  • Eldan Runic Modules are now also available for Glory. (100 Glory for 1 Module)

Exchange of Imprints (Class Piece Tokens)

  • All class-items will be now obtained through the new imprint exchange system.

  • Raid bosses will drop a set number (1-2) of imprints (not minibosses).

  • By exchanging an imprint, you can choose between a DPS or Support item.

  • There are no class-specific tokens. Instead, tokens will be divided into armor types and item slots.

    • Xenological Imprint (Light Armor - Genetic Archives)

    • Xenobiotic Imprint (Medium Armor - Genetic Archives)

    • Xenogenetic Imprint (Heavy Armor - Genetic Archives)

    • Calculated Imprint (Light Armor - Datascape)

    • Algebraic Imprint (Medium Armor - Datascape)

    • Logarithmic Imprint (Heavy Armor - Datascape)

  • Example

    • Medium Armor Head Token drops.

    • Medics and Stalkers roll for the token.

    • The Winner can exchange the imprint for a Medium Armor DPS or Support Headpiece.

Exchange of Partial Primal Patterns

  • You can now exchange Partial Primal Patterns for following items:

    • 1x Vessel of Various Valueables (15x Partial Primal Patterns)

      • Contains one random item e.g.: Runes, VIPs, Dyes

    • 1x Hopper of Hued Hardware (30x Partial Primal Patterns)

      • Contains either one blue item (iLevel 58 Veteran Dungeons Item Quality) or one epic item (iLevel 63 Genetic Archives Item Quality)

New Mounts

Hot Rod Uniblade Mount
200.000 Renown
Rally Grinder Mount
7500 Glory
Alien Velocirex Mount
Shiphands (Veteran)
War Woolie Mount
Shiphands (Veteran)
Dreg Trask Mount
Unknown Origin
Marauder Orbitron Mount
Unknown Origin

New Daily/Weekly Quests

With Content Drop #4 Carbine implemented a numerous amount of new daily and weekly quests.

Daily Quests

  • Daily Shiphand Quest (Veteran)

    • Rewards: 150.000 Experience (2 Elder Gems) + 640 Renown + 10g

  • Daily Adventure Quest (Veteran)

    • Rewards: 150.000 Experience (2 Elder Gems) + 1000 Renown

  • Daily Dungeon Quest (Veteran)

    • Rewards: 150.000 Experience (2 Elder Gems) + 100 Glory

  • Daily PvP Quest

    • Rewards: 150.000 Experience (2 Elder Gems) + 250 Prestige

Weekly Quests

  • Reward: 40 Elder Gems

  • Elder Gems do not count towards the weekly cap.

  • You can choose between one of three available weekly quests:

    • Weekly Elder Gem Group PvE Bonus

    • Weekly Elder Gem PvP Bonus

    • Weekly Elder Gem Questing Bonus

Repeatable Quests

  • You will now get additional rewards for queuing for random instances through the Group Finder.

  • Random Practice Battleground

    • 75.000 Experience

    • Mercenary's Payment

    • 10g

  • Random Rated Battleground

    • 125.000 Experience

    • Professional Mercenary's Payment

    • 20g

  • Random Shiphand (Veteran)

    • 75.000 Experience

    • Shipmate's Stipend

    • 5g

  • Random Adventure (Veteran)

    • 100.000 Experience

    • Adventurer's Trove

    • 15g

  • Random Dungeon (Veteran)

    • 125.000 Experience

    • Dungeon Delver's Cache

    • 30g

Class Changes

Content Drop #4 contains a wide range and a numerous amount of class changes. Since the official Update Notes are not available yet, it is very hard to capture all the changes. As soon Carbine is going to release the patchnotes, we will dig deep into all the class changes and update this article accordingly. So stay tuned!

New Costumes

Additional Changes

Beside all the big changes to the game, Content Drop #4 contains tons of smaller adjustments and quality of life improvements.
Here are some of the changes we could find so far on the PTR:

  • Character Creation Armor Preview

    • Depending on your class choice you can now preview three different armor sets within the character creation.

  • New Looking For Player System

    • Carbine reworked the /who command.

    • You will now see a nice overview of your player search.

    • Carbine also implemented a tracker to see which players are near you.

    • You can display the player-tracker beneath your quest tracker.

  • Reset AMPs the easy way!

    • You can now unlearn each AMP individually for 1-5g each.

    • You can also unlearn one AMP-Tree such as Assault or Support. The price depends on the number of active AMPs in the desired tree.

  • Authenticate the easy way!

    • Are you tired of always clicking the 6 numbers of your Authenticator code?

    • You can now save your IP-Address for 7 days.

    • Depending on your internet connection / router settings you now only have to type in your code once a week or once your ip address changes (usually every 24 hours).

  • Strain Hoverboard for everyone!

    • Carbine reduced the price of the very expensive Strain Hoverboard which was introduced with Content Drop #1.

    • You can purchase the hoverboard at the reputation vendor of the Guardians of the Grove or at the new Importer NPCs located in your capital city.

    • The new prices are:

      • Strain Hoverboard Mount 10p

      • Strain Hoverboard Rear Flair: 2p

      • Strain Hoverboard Front Flair: 2p

      • Strain Hoverboard Side Flair: 1p50g

  • Mount Imports Vendor

    • Mounts and Mount-Customizations vendors are spread across Nexus and it is often very difficult to remember their exact location to get your hands on a new shiny front flair.

    • With Content Drop #4 there are new Importer NPCs located next to the existing Mount Vendors in each capital city.

    • Importer Vendors offer all different kind of Hoverboards as well as Hoverboard/Mount Customizations.

    • All Mounts and Customization still have their original price and requirements.

    • So you will either have to pay in Gold, Renown, Prestige, Elder Gems and need to have the right amount of reputation at various factions.

  • New Maps

    • Carbine updated/implemented a lot of maps, especially for confined spaces and instances.

  • User Interface Updates

    • There are new icons for all currencies (once again!)

    • Carbine implemented new unit frames as well as castbars.

Update Notes

Besides two new Dungeons, one new Shiphand Mission as well as Veteran Shiphands and Datascape for 20 players, Carbine deployed tons of other changes. Take a look at the official Update Notes for Content Drop #4!

Link: Content Drop #4 Update Notes

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  • Krighton
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    Too bad for Wildstar and the lack of PvP attention. Could have been saved 3 months but they were pulled around by their dicks, leading the way by Enigma and various other guilds dictating what is focused on.

    You can thank the PvE assholes and Carbine for choosing to ignore the obvious cries for attention, for the death of Wildstar PvP.
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      I'm pretty sure that CD#5 will focus largely on PvP. (see here)
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    Like I said over on MMO in the Wildstar mega thread, this would be seen as an expansion for lots of other games, and your review of the drop 4 content is fantastic.
  • Loui
    Dec 17, 2014
    Nifty and i were playing the new veteran shiphand "Fragment Zero".
    We added the video to the overview! Enjoy!
  • cadet93
    Dec 16, 2014
    Thanks so much for this great overview! I am very excited for the protostar games dungeon!

    It really looks like Carbine is listening to feedback.
  • Tuff
    Dec 16, 2014
    Amazing overview, great work readycheck and THANKYOU!! :D
  • JeremiEldridge
    Dec 16, 2014
    Dammit I love this site. Such a good recap.
  • Nifty
    Dec 16, 2014
    Great round-up!! I'm so EXCITED for drop 4!
  • Loui
    Dec 15, 2014
    Carbine just confirmed, that the new Ice-Box Arena will not be part of Content Drop #4 aka Patch 1.2.0. (src)
    The overview was updates accordingly.