The Nexus Report: Genesis Prime - Recap

Today is a special day! Content Drop #3 for WildStar is finally live! For this special occasion the Nexus Report will return to talk about the Mystery of the Genesis Prime. We are curious about what Chad Moore and Mike Donatelli will have to say. Don't miss it!
By Loui on Nov 12, 2014 at 03:02 AM
The Nexus Report was always a very promising source for all sorts of interesting informations about the current state and future of WildStar. Unfortunately Carbine decided a few weeks ago, to no longer broadcast a weekly Nexus Report. Instead the show was supposed to become a special event for special occasions.

If not now, then when?
The Nexus Report will return in a few hours to talk about todays content update. Product Director Mike Donatelli and Creative Director Chad Moore are going to talk about the "Mystery of the Genesis Prime". The show is going to start at 11am PST (8pm CET), so don't forget to set your alarms or keep an eye on our countdown on our frontpage. :)

The Nexus Report
Join us tomorrow at 11am PST for a special Nexus Report! We will be discussing our newest patch, Mystery of the Genesis Prime, with Chad Moore and Mike Donatelli!

Nexus Report Summary

  • Are there any plans to extend WildStar past Nexus?

    • Yes definitely!

    • There are some revelations that come with that new content, where players will begin to understand the true nature of what the Eldan where doing on nexus.

    • Once players understand those revelations it's going to open up some different path ways to probably some other planets in the WildStar universe, maybe some home worlds from the player races.

  • There is an updated free trial for WildStar on its way!

  • Carbine is working on new tools to help guilds to recruit players.

  • Carbine is planning to adjust the Daily-Quest system to add more variety to it and to offer more public events.

  • For Content Drop #5 there a larger systems in the making, which incorporates housing and guilds in a way that, according to Mike Donatelli, people will go nuts for.

  • Sneak Peak: This might not be the last time to get to see the Eldan.

  • A spectator mode for PvP content is in the making.

  • More Moon Zero-G/Low-Gravity Environments as well as Submarine/Underwater-Environments are planned.

  • Carbine had to delay the Safari Turbanator Mk 9000 Costume Piece going into the game to make sure it didn't break other things. It will be coming in the next major hotfix.

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  • Prez
    Nov 12, 2014
    Nice done. A place where we can see all the nexus report without searching for them :D
  • Loui
    Nov 12, 2014
    Tons of Sneak Peaks in yesterdays Nexus Report! Just WOW!