WildStar Content Drop #3: Mystery of the Genesis Prime

The long-awaited Content Drop #3 for WildStar has finally arrived and now is the time to take a deep look at what Carbine has worked on for the last few months. Can the patch live up to the players high expectations and bring WildStar back on track? Time to find out!
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Content Drop #3: "The Mystery of the Genesis Prime" takes you once again to Isigrol where you’ll finally discover the secrets of Drusera, The Entity, the Eldan and how they’re all related to Planet Nexus, secrets that you’ve been slowly uncovering from the start of WildStar. Players will explore Eastern Grimvault, a completely new zone called "The Defile". In this new level-50 zone you’ll be taking the fight to where the Entity and the Strain are at their strongest! There you’ll find galaxy-threatening plots to stop, terrifying gigantic monsters to slay, and a certain Genesis Prime who needs your help more than ever!

But don’t pat yourself on the back too soon, that mystery you’ve just solved opens up an even more epic story as Journey to OMNICore-1 introduces you into the galaxy-spanning Nexus Saga.

Besides new content, Content Drop #3 contains an unbelievable amount of changes, bugfixes, optimizations and quality of life improvements. To learn more about all the changes made to the game, please have a look at the official Update Notes.

It is time to take a deep look at Content Drop #3: "The Mystery of the Genesis Prime" and all it's features.

New Content

Solo-Player-Area: The Sonic Plaza

No superfast hedgehogs were harmed in the construction of this area. Sonic Plaza will be one of the first areas you visit in the Defile, and it’s here that your faction has made camp to study the power of exanite! If you’re a solo player who loves questing, path missions and mountains of sweet, tasty lore then this is an area for you!

5-Player-Area: The Black Focus

If you’re more interested in saving the universe with a slightly smaller – say, five or more players - the Black Focus awaits! The Genesis Prime herself – Drusera - will give you the lowdown. The fiendish Koral the Defiler plans to corrupt one of the rare Primal Focuses of the Eldan to infect all of Nexus with the Strain! Just watch your step when taking on this nasty piece of work. Just getting to Koral will require split-second timing, excellent coordination and teamwork. (Hope you like jumping puzzles!)

20-Player-Event: The Siege of the Lightspire

The Lightspire is where Drusera has hidden herself away to prevent the Entity from breaking out into the universe! Too bad a gigantic monster called the Dreadwatcher is on the warpath, aiming to bring the Lightspire tumbling down. You’ll need to team up with a big group of adventurers to take him on in a 20-player Siege of the Lightspire public event.

Exploration: The Strain Maw

What, you’ve never jumped into the gaping mouth of a Strain Wurm before? Well you’re in for quite a treat! Jump into the mouth of a Strain Maw and find whole new areas to explore – including a Strain-load of cool Path content, lore-packed datacubes, and dark secrets inside the (literal) belly of the beast. Just remember to wear something slime-proof.

Exploration: The Tainted Gardens

Ruled by Syra, Queen of the Direweb, the Tainted Gardens is an arachnophobe's worst nightmare. But you won’t just be stomping spiders on these arachno-tastic quests - you’ll be working with them to help rescue some allies! Feeling a little squeamish? Then I guess we’d better not mention the wall-crawling, web-slinging surprises that come into play later.

Solo-Dungeon: Journey to OMNICore-1

OMNICore-1 is the first episode of an epic, multi-part story called "The Nexus Saga", designed specifically for solo players! There you and your fellow peril junkies, will be joined by the most famous heroes of both the Dominion and Exiles and rushed headlong through the most epic locations on Nexus in a last-ditch attempt to save the universe! Featuring: pivotal cinematics, memorable characters, branching content, and unique gameplay mechanics, the Nexus Saga will be the last word in sci-fi adventuromedy for ages 1 to 1001!



Changes to the Game

  • Housing

    • We already had the feeling that home-builders in WildStar are a little bit crazy, but with the upcoming changes to the housing system they will go totally nuts. Housing fanatics rejoice:

      • The housing crate can now hold up to 2000 decor items.

      • The interior and exterior decor limits were increased to 1000 each.

      • The limit for lights were adjusted to 40 interior and 40 exterior.

    • You are now able to choose between ~20 different songs for your interior and exterior housing plot areas.

    • You are now able to permanently unlock all different kinds of roofs, walls, entries, doors, skies and music by purchasing them. Once purchased you can switch between them without any further costs.

  • Rune System

    • The existing Rune system in WildStar is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get. No matter how powerful an item is, the randomly assigned Runes and Rune Elements are determining if the particular item should be used or salvaged. The overhauled Rune system contains way to many changes and adjustments and would go beyond the constraints of this article. Please have a look at our in-depth Runecrafting Guide, to get yourself up to date.

  • Tradeskills

    • The Technologist Expert-Research-Tech-Tree which is filled with various useful schematics for new Potions, Boosts, Fieldtech and Power Cores is now available.

  • Class Changes

    • Carbine took a deep look at all the classes and overhauled some of the less popular abilities and AMP's. There are also tons of additional class changes avaiting you with Content Drop #3, but see for yourself:

Update Notes

Content Drop #3 contains a possibly record-breaking amount of changes, bugfixes, optimizations and other shiny things. With over 170 pages of patchnotes, working yourself through the Update Notes can be very painful and posting them here, would go beyond the constraints of this article. Beside countless smaller changes Content Drop #3 also contains tons of new content, the completely reworked Rune system, housing optimizations, itemization changes, PvP adjustments, performance optimzations and various quality of life improvements.

Carbine was indeed hard-working for the last few months, but you should definitely take a look for yourself. Enjoy browsing through the Update Notes!

Link: Content Drop #3: Update Notes

Table of contents

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