WildStar LFG-Tool: Find and be Found!

WildStar is all about group play! While there are various things todo for solo-players, the best parts of WildStar's Elder game are reserved for groups and guilds. You haven't found the right guild yet? Your guild is looking desperately for additional members? Our LFG-Tool will hook you up! Try it out!
By Loui on Nov 09, 2014 at 11:11 PM
MMO's in general but WildStar in particular are all about group play. No matter how successful you are, no matter what obstacles you are able to overcome or what challenges you master, experiencing all these things together with friends is what makes MMO's so unique. The journey is the destination and the harder the challenge, the more painful the journey, the bigger is your satisfaction.

Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky to be able to experience that unique feeling of solidarity and team spirit. Playing a new MMO like WildStar means, finding new friends, to blend in and to make an effort to socialize. After so many years playing other MMO's, it's often not that easy to make that effort once again.

We want to encourage you to group up and find your right guild!

Our LFG-Tool will help you finding the right guild no matter if you are a more casual or hardcore player, if you prefer PvE or PvP, our LFG-Tool will try to hook you up! You can either search for guilds and try to find your new home or you can also put your name on the list and to get contacted by guilds.

Looking For Member: Guild-Recruitment Form
Guilds are able to introduce themselfs and to recruite new players by filling out a short form. The list of guilds can be ordered and filtered in various ways, so players can easily find the right guild for their class on their server.

Looking For Group: Player-Application Form
Players are also able to introduce themself to the community with the possibility to get contacted by guilds, which are interested in that particular player.

Fill out the forms right now and increase your chances to finally be able to enjoy WildStar the way it meant to be.
We wish you best of luck finding each other!

Team Readycheck
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