WildStar Hotfix - 01/13/2015

With today's maintenance Carbine deployed a hotfix for WildStar which contains several bugfixes as well as promising adjustments for Visceralus & Pyrobane within datascape and an improved match-making for pvp players. Check out the update notes for more informations.
By Loui on Jan 13, 2015 at 01:30 PM
Game Update - 13 Jan 2015

  • Items

    • Several PvP Imbuement items requiring kills now grant proximity assist credit, and objective counts have been reduced.


  • Engineer

    • Code Red

      • Now transfers threat accordingly.

  • Esper

    • Pyrokinetic Flame

      • No longer states a target cap in the tooltip.


  • "Deeds Once Done" (world story weekly quest) is now offered and turned in in-person on the Caretaker in the Enigma Chamber/Secret Ops.

  • The Defile

    • The cooldown for the "Siege of the Lightspire" event has been lowered from 60 minutes to 15 minutes so more players can jump into the event.

    • The respawn rate of the Grimworm Exoganglia in "Siege of the Lightspire" has been reduced.


  • Datascape

    • Elemental Pairs

      • Visceralus and Pyrobane

        • Essence of Life Health reduced by 10%.

        • The acceleration of the Primal Entanglements has been slowed.


  • Practice Arena and Practice Battlegrounds Queue System

    • We have increased the rate of Gear Score queue band growth, and also increased the maximum Gear Score Band from 37 to 1000.

    • These changes were made to increase overall queue speed and allow all players to eventually get matched.


  • War of the Wilds

    • The Samu-Samu Chieftan will now complete casting his Dark Energy spell on players who run beyond his initial cast range.


  • The Festival plugs no longer incorrectly use the garden permission settings instead of the harvest permissions.

  • Fixed an issues that was causing the world crash when casting heal spells on plants that were spawned in the housing garden plugs.

  • Players can no longer set a Neighbor to Account level via the /neighborpermission command.

  • Fixed an issue with repairing gardens, and seeds planted in Fertile Ground will now always produce plants.


  • Tradeskills

    • Tailor

      • Tailor patterns that drop during Adventures are no longer Bind-on-Pickup.

    • Weaponsmith

      • The Assault/Support Power of Archivos weapons is now affected by the primary stat chip types during the crafting process.

User Interface

  • Vendors will now display the total repair cost in the repair panel.

  • Fixed ICComm not working with channel broadcasts.

  • Fixed issue where an item can be sold on the marketplace but not to a vendor which was causing a LUA error.

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