WildStar Update Notes - 12/09/2014

With today's maintenance, Carbine deployed a small but shiny hotfix for WildStar. Beside several bugfixes, the patch contains a numerous amount of changes to the Elemental Pairs in Datascape. The combination of Fire & Life Elementals should be available again for this weeks Raid Lockout.
By kinae on Dec 09, 2014 at 12:25 PM
Game Update - 09 Dec 2014

  • We fixed a bug so that some characters no longer had a chance to become stuck in a "locked" state after a realm transfer.


  • Medic

    • Fixed an issue that was allowing the heal debuff to stack with the Arena heal debuff and other class heal debuffs.

    • Fixed graphic issue that was being caused when some players were using the Medic Discharge ability and /horror emote.


  • Celestion

    • Ashenna Brightsun can no longer be attacked by Dominion players, and no longer drops loot or awards any XP.

  • The Defile

    • Rare spawn Tessa and her Quickclaw Assassins now drop their rare loot only when they're all dead, and not when Tessa alone dies.


  • Datascape

    • Visceralus and Pyrobane

      • The berserk timer for the Visceralus and Pyrobane encounter has been temporarily adjusted to be much more lenient.

      • A number of changes were made to the mid-phase event to make it cleaner and flow more effectively for players.

      • Shields no longer have collision, and they have more visible visuals.

      • Pyrobane's Flame Wave now has a proper name in the combat log.

      • Life Essences can no longer spawn as bananas, and they now spawn closer to the center in general. Also, the distance between individual essences should now be more consistent.

      • 'Knockdown' and 'Disable' have been removed, and they've been renamed to Primal Entanglement.

      • Primal Entanglement's damage no longer has variance and now ignores 75% of armor.

      • Instead of a knockdown + disable, Primal Entanglement now roots players in place but allows them to continue casting spells.

      • Visceralus is now present in the void during the mid-phase.

      • Primal Entanglement now applies a debuff as soon as the spell begins casting.

    • Hydroflux and Mnemesis

      • Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.

    • Visceralus and Mnemesis

      • Visceralus and Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.


  • Harvest nodes will no longer spawn with low health (no more stumps!).


  • Resolved a rare housing plot server crash.

User Interface

  • The Tradeskill Trainer UI now properly uses the potential relearn cooldown when warning the user. It will also use the active relearn cooldown to determine if learning a new tradeskill is possible (instead of the potential relearn cooldown).

  • Resolved an issue that was happening when some players would try to resurrect which was resulting in a LUA error in the resurrection panel.

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