WildStar Weekly-Patch - 10/23/2014

Today Carbine deployed another WildStar Weekly Patch, which focused especially at the Elemental-Pairs and Avatus within the 40-Player-Raid Datascape. Additional the "Pristine Genesis Key" can now also be obtained by killing Ohmna in the Genetic Archives.
By Loui on Oct 23, 2014 at 11:37 PM
Update Notes - 10/23/2014

  • Updated the EULA date to “October 2” to reflect the proper timestamp on when its terms were last amended.


  • Items

    • The ‘Pristine Genesis Key’ now drops from Ohmna.


  • Engineer

    • Unstable Anomaly

      • Fixed an issue that caused the Heal debuff not to apply if the damage is deflected.


  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally made it more difficult to obtain a tier reward in certain public events.


  • Datascape

    • Avatus

      • Fixed an issue with Disruption Beams.

      • Fixed an issue with Core Essence Security Orbs.

    • Elemental Pairs

      • Visceralus and Aileron

        • Visceralus' healing buff Osmosis will now be properly removed when that phase of the encounter is reached.

      • Megalith and Aileron

        • Fixed issue with players being able to get hit by multiple tornadoes and have multiple instances of Overcharged.

        • Fixed issue with Megalith being able to gain multiple speed stacks at once.

        • Updated Rockfall telegraphs to be more distinctive.

        • Walls of Wind now have a cast time, bar, and animation and is no longer an infinite-ticking proxy. Also increased delay before shield becomes active to 2s.

      • Visceralus and Pyrobane

        • Swarm adds are now visible.

        • Swarm adds have had their sounds toned down.

        • All adds should stop spawning on death of both Elementals.

        • The bomb that the Caretaker provides will now explode on contact with an Elemental (instead of only using a timed fuse).

        • Adjusted how many Essences of Life appear (and their total health) during the Flame Wave event.

User Interface

  • Fixed a UI bug with adding Cross-Realm Friends by Character Name.


  • Fixed a bug where certain housing enhancements might cause a player to log out with a Network Message error.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes an alt that had just used a server transfer wouldn’t have Account Roommate permissions.

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