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Carbine's Masterpiece: Datascape

Datascape is so far the hardest challenge player's face in WildStar and Carbine did a fantastic job in terms of boss design as well as Dungeondesign. To get a close look at the beauty of Datascape, we've put together a ginormous image gallery for you. Enjoy!
By Loui on Nov 05, 2014 at 02:32 AM
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Beside the Genetic Archives, Datascape is the first big Raid-Instance made by Carbine and after visiting it for several weeks now, we can say for sure, that Carbine has outdone themselves. With different wings for each element, the huge amount of diversity in both, the design as well as the boss-design, is without equal.

After teasing a change in Raid-sizes and after making the Pristine Genesis Key obtainable from Ohmna, chances are good that more players are able to experience the beauty of Datascape very soon. Meanwhile these pictures have to do the job.

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  • JeremiEldridge
    Nov 11, 2014
    Really hoping that soon I'll be good enough to do some serious Raiding.