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Pyrobane & Hydroflux World First Kill by Enigma

The World First Kill of Pyrobane & Hydroflux goes to Enigma. The US-Guild was able to kill one of the remaining elemental pairs in the form of fire & water and is now on the brink to finally visit Avatus, the final boss of Datascape. There is just on catch...
By Loui on Nov 24, 2014 at 07:30 PM
After several weeks without any news regarding the race to world first in Wildstar, Enigma was finally able to kill Pyrobane & Hydroflux, one of the last remaining elemental pairs in Datascape. While Hydroflux was already killed in several combinations, it was the first time that a guild was able to overcome Pyrobane.

Enigma is now one step away from finally seeing Avatus, the final boss of Datascape. Unfortunately the remaining and still unbeaten elemental pair combinations Visceralus & Pyrobane (Life+Fire) as well as Aileron & Megalith (Air+Earth) turned out to be an almost insurmountable obstacle preventing any further progress. Since at least one of these two combinations seems to be always present, it may take a while until any guild will finally meet Avatus.

We congratulate Enigma and hopefully we will see Avatus sooner than later!

Enigma World First Kill Pyrobane & Hydroflux
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