Special: Housing Showcase

Housing Showcase #1 - Pirates in my Treehouse

Our new special "Housing Showcase" will show you the most amazing, bizarre and beautiful housing plots on Nexus. You definitely should check out these houses! Today we take a look at a fancy treehouse, a pirate ship and a racing circuit!
By Loui on Jun 17, 2014 at 05:20 PM

Treehouse Deluxe

Deep down, everyone wants a really badass treehouse. Swinnnk has outdone himself by making his dream come true.

Aurin alone at home

Littlekings show's off his cozy Aurin House in his image gallery.

Ahoi, landlubbers!

Arrrr!! Deralicte had the great idea in building a pirate ship. The special thing about it is the fact, that the ship is build around the house, so it also has an interior.

Start your engines!

Hoverparks are very popular in WildStar, but we havent seen so many racing tracks yet. raffix fullfilled his dream and build himself a very special racing track. Let the race begin!

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