Special: Housing Showcase

Housing Showcase #2 - Sleepy Hollow's Treehouse

Our new special "Housing Showcase" will show you the most amazing, bizarre and beautiful housing plots on Nexus. You definitely should check out these houses! Today we take a look at a fancy treehouse, a pirate ship and a racing circuit!
By Loui on Jul 01, 2014 at 02:43 PM

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Interior designer gone mad!

Incubacon is a hell of an interior designer! He managed to put over 600 decor items in place.

Sleepy Hollow - The ghost village!

Rackham from the US-Server Evindra must be a huge fan of the movie-blockbuster Sleepy Hollow. You can visit his ghost town on exile side. Just look out for the public house named "Crowley Manor".

Rockethouse 2.0

Is it a rocket or a house? It is both! The standard rockethouse from preordering WildStar is nice but for the player "blackholesandshit" by far not big enough. He extended his spaceship with several areas and features. He now has definitely the biggest rocket on Nexus!

Freebooter Spaceport - Duty Free Spaceport!

Chua Cave-House!

We will never fully understand these crazy little furballs. Did you know, that Chua are living in caves? Mazer from server Avantus now released some footage of his gigantic Chua cave!

I cannot see the forest for the trees

Housing-Plots are normally floating in the sky, but what if we could our own unique zone on Nexus? Yayorbitgum from the server Warbringer created a gigantic forest, which really gives you the feeling of being somewhere on Nexus. Check it out, by visiting his public house called "Gum Forest".

Table of contents

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